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  1. I have been poking around on the internet today and reading about tap rule. I want to get clarification on "taping a tap" The reason this comes up is a lot of our equipment panels have distribution blocks in there. How do you properly use a power distribution block, without breaking the taping a tap rule? Example: If I have a 50A fused disconnect connected to a power distribution block via 8 gauge wire <10' - Then from the distribution block I run 14 gauge wire to multiple 15 amp breakers. I believe this is fine because the 8 gauge wire is large enough to handle the 50 amps, and then we use tap rule to go from the distribution block to the breakers. Following the less then 10' Rule and 1000% rule and is inside an enclosure.   Am I missing something. My understanding is that doesn't count as tapping the tap because the distribution block is fed by a wire that is sized to handle the ampacity of the load size protection device (fuses)   *all assume copper, 75 Degree wire, less then 10'