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  1. Hi guys, I just starting to use Sysmac Studio. Its a bit confusing as I am currently used to CJ series PLC. Usually, we can use P_1sec, P_0_2s and so on to create a simple clock pulse timer function. However, I couldn't find the command or FB to do that in Sysmac Studio. Anybody could explain on how to do that in Sysmac? Thanks 
  2. Clock Pulse in Sysmac Studio

    Cool. Thanks for the tips. That was really helpful.
  3. Hello. I am trying to make a serial RS 232C connection between Schneider Magelis HMIGXU3512 and Omron PLC CP1E. However, there seems to be a communication problems between both of the equipment. I am using cable XBT Z9740 for the serial communication cable. The format used is 8.2.N for both equipment. The baud rate is 115200. No Flow Rate is choose. Anyone can help with this kind of problems?
  4. @gtsuport @Jay Anthony Cheers for the help guys. Already make a connection between both of HMI and PLC. Thanks again!
  5. Will try to change the settings and see how it goes. Thanks for the helps. Really appreciate it.  
  6. I already set the format in the PLC & HMI to be same as mentioned before. However, the HMI seems to not communicate well with the PLC. I tried to created a dummy switch with the address set in PLC. However, there is no reaction at all from the PLC/Ladder diagram even after I tried to press the dummy switch. Moreover, the Comm lights and PHPRL lights on the CP1E keeps on blinking after I press the switch. Thus, I am a bit confused either my HMIGXU3512 actually have a correct serial communication or not with the CP1E.
  7. @Jay Anthony is it a must to use the default baud rate? Because I am comparing my current settings with the old machine and saw that they used 115200, 8.2.N as their settings.  
  8. @gtsuport i am currently following this diagram as suggested by the Schneider support. Correct me if I am wrong but the PT communication should be between Omron HMI-Omron PLC right?   XBTZG9740.pdf.pdf