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  1. OMRON NS5-SQ10B-V2

    Hi Crossbow, I don't get it. How you mean that screen isn't waiting for the PLC to tell it what screen number to open? I don't have connected NS5 terminal to the PLC, when I trying to load recovering files into NS5 terminal.  
  2. OMRON NS5-SQ10B-V2

    Hi Crossbow, The thing is that first I try with CF card 128Mb (I make mistake when I write that is 120Mb), than I try with CF 64Mb, than with 512Mb and didn't work. Than I insert all of those 3 CF card into PLC CJ2M-CPU33 for formatting. Those CF cards are working fine in the CJ2M PLC. Than again I try to copy recovery files into the those 3 CF card and insert to the NS5 terminal, but situation was same.  After power on of NS5 unit, RUN LED light become steady orange for about 10seconds and than screen flicker (like light brightness) two times, and than LED light it become steady green, but screen is black and there is not possible to do (chose) nothing. That's why I went to dismantle (open) NS5 terminal, and than I seen this other CF card (innodisk 1SE CF card). Than I try to read out what is on this  innodisk 1SE CF card, but its not possible, because when I insert this card into the CF card reader and connect to the PC I get message that card needs to be formatted. I didn't format this innodisk 1SE CF card because I don't know what is on that card and how is formatted. I would like to know what is on this  innodisk 1SE CF card, and what format is used. I think that this CF card is system program CF card, and if is defective/corrupted than I think system will not pull recovery data files.    
  3. OMRON NS5-SQ10B-V2

    Hi photovoltaic, I know that outer (external) CF slot/card is used for recovering and its formatted in FAT. My question is regarding "internal" CF card. If NS5 terminal is completely closed, you cannot see this internal CF card, in my case is innodisk 1SE CF card. If you open/dismantle NS terminal than this internal CF card is visible. So, my question is, for what is used this internal CF card? Is this ROM CF card? Is it possible that this internal CF card is defective and that is the reason why I can not recovery NS5 terminal with external CF card? What is format of this internal CF card? I think that this internal CF card it can be ROM CF card and maybe its corrupted, and that's why I cannot recovery NS5 terminal with "external" CF card. Does anybody have a clue what is program/format on this internal CF card? Like I say, I suspect that this "system program" on this internal CF card is corrupted. 
  4. OMRON NS5-SQ10B-V2

    Hello gents. I order new CF card SanDisk 120Mb. I copy recovery files to the that new CF card and  try to recovery NS5 HMI terminal but without success. Same thing was happening as before, when I insert CF card into NS-5, and after power on unit, RUN LED light become steady orange for 10seconds and than it become steady green. Screen is black and there is not possible to do (chose) nothing. After this (no successes recovery), I dismantle NS5 HMI terminal and find out that there is also inside NS5 HMI terminal one more CF card (innodisk CF card 1SE) which is located at PCB just below where we inserting CF card for recovering. Does anybody knows purpose of this CF card what is inside NS5 terminal? I also remove this innodisk CF card 1SE, and I inserted it into card CF reader and connected to the PC, but it seems that this card is formatted in some special format because it is not possible to read it. Can anybody give to me some suggestion how to fix this issue with recovering of NS5 HMI terminal??? 
  5. OMRON NS5-SQ10B-V2

    Its really strange why doesn't booting. Is it possible that problem is in the Os9kboot and Os9000bt? Can those two file can be replaced with some other files?
  6. OMRON NS5-SQ10B-V2

    I didn't format this CF card. This card was used before and it have back-up project on it. So I only copy firmware files to that CF card, but still its same. Is there any special files that needs to be copy to this CF card? Is there any trick with DIP switch on the HMI?
  7. OMRON NS5-SQ10B-V2

    Directory structure looks same but without "log" folder. Even I install on VM, new Win98 and try to play with different version of Firmware, but no success.  
  8. OMRON NS5-SQ10B-V2

    I download from Omron web site. When I unzip that file to the CF card I have : Bank1, Bank2, Bank3, OS9, Other, OS9Kboot and OS9000bt. Then when I insert CF card to the PT, when PT starts there is orange steady light (RUN LED) and after 10 seconds it becomes steady green light. Is there any secret how to upload firmware to the PT? What files needs to be uploaded to the PT? Also according official Omron procedure CF card cannot be formatted in win2000, XP, win7 etc. What is for Win10? I think that unit doesn't recognize CF card.  Is it possible to upload firmware trough to serial connection, maybe via hyperlink? I done everything as per Omron procedure, but doesn't going. So, I don't updating firmware, I am recovering, so maybe there is a different in the files, maybe they are not same?
  9. OMRON NS5-SQ10B-V2

    Hello, I have an issue with NS-5 HMI. During transferring new program into HMI, after rebooting I get message: ERROR No.10: file system error: please recover the system program. What is procedure from where I can recover this HMI? I didn't find  folder on CX-Designer under C:\Program Files\OMRON\CX-One\CXDesigner\RecoverUpdate. Is there other way to fix this ERROR? I download firmware and copy it to the CF card. When I insert CF card into NS-5, and after power on unit, RUN LED light become steady orange for 10seconds and than it become steady green. Screen is black and there is not possible to do (chose) nothing. CF card is original OMRON card and wasn't formatted. How to solve this issue???
  10. CP1L-M

    As gtsuport says, I make RS232 cable with pin out as attached file and used whit serial/USB converter. Finally connection PC>PLC was established, but... project is protected by password. So, now, next step is to contact company which made project for this PLC to get password.
  11. CP1L-M

    Hi. Already I done that, but its not going. Is there any trick for connecting PC to PLC, like dip switches (already SW4 was on during RS232 connection but no success). What is procedure for c connection, what is RS232 cable pin out, what cable I need to use?
  12. CP1L-M

    Hi gents. I am new at this forum. I need help for establish connection PC to CP1L-M. I try to connect whit normal USB cable but I can not establish connection. Driver for USB is installed and its visible in device manager when I connect USB cable PC to PLC. Also I try to connect via serial connection using RS232/USB converter but without success.  Is there any trick for establishing connection whit Omron CP1L-M PLC?