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  1. Problems backing up Mitsubishi FX1N-24MR-ES/UL

    Thank you for the kindly help Theo V : ) I'll looking into the timer parts of the new PLCs we bought. By the way, we're also considering upgrading to a Mitsubishi FX3G-24MR Can the program of FX1N just download to a FX3G directly? I'm grateful for your experience sharing mate : )
  2. Problems backing up Mitsubishi FX1N-24MR-ES/UL

    Hi Ron_S, thank you for the quick reply : ) Our machine has a motor that lift up a metal cover and another motor controls a spinning wheel. The normal operation is to stop the spinning wheel first and then lift up the metal cover for about 3 seconds. But with those two new PLCs, the spinning wheel stopped earlier and the metal cover is barely lifted up for less than a second.
  3. Hi guys, I've encountered a weird problem backing up my old FX1N-24MR-ES/UL PLCs. Hope I can get some helps here. I'm grateful for all the help. I got some old FX1N-24MR-ES/UL PLCs working on machines, and most of them are working 24/7 for more than 8 years now. There's a computer in machines communicating with PLC via SC-09 harness( RS232 - RS422 ). Since Mitsubishi isn't selling and manufacturing FX1N-24MR-ES/UL anymore, I tried to find some compatible alternatives. I bought a Shihlin Electric AX1N-24MR-ES(It got licensed from Mitsubishi to approve it's 100% compatible with FX1N-24MR-ES/UL) and a copied FX1N-24MR-ES/UL from China. I downloaded and verified programs/parameters into both PLCs via GX Works2(both PLCs shown as Mitsubishi FX1N-24MR in GX Works2), but they both work about 5~10% differently from the original ones on the machines. But it seems the both new PLCs are working identically. I've tried download the original program/parameters to a old original FX1N-24MR-ES/UL and it works well, so it seems the program/parameters I read out is correct. I've also checked the both VRs(D8030, D8031) aren't used in the program. May you please let me know what else I can do or test to make the new PLCs I working 100% identically as the old ones? I'm grateful for all your kindly help guys. Thank you and have a nice day