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  1. GX Developer

    Waynes, Thanks very much. Friday was the first time we used the Software. George
  2. GX Developer

    We uploaded a program from the PLC. This was on a rung ---| |---/-----{ } the ---| |--- Had an address & was true the ----{ } had an address but the ---/--- didn't. Whatever this is was preventing the Output from being true. No labels because we uploaded the program. We used the Demo version of GX Developer. Thanks George
  3. Convert Siemens file to PDF

    Moggie, Thanks so much. George
  4. Convert Siemens file to PDF

    They said they couldn't, but had no problem sending me the file. They sent the one that goes to the machine, but it is in Spanish. This one is a generic that they said is in English. Thanks George
  5. Convert Siemens file to PDF

    Would someone please convert to PDF. Vendor sent the file as a filename.mvp. We do Not have S7 software.I changed the extension to zip, but just change it back to mwp Thanks George Generic Pagomat in English
  6. RSView32 Works

    I was told to try <CTRL> <ALT> <P>, to get out of that graphic. It worked but only after I did it twice. Thanks George
  7. RSView32 Works

    When I start up RSView32 Works and start the project, the wrong graphic is coming up. Is there a keystroke to close that graphic so that I can start the correct one? All the clients are fine, only on the server is this an issue. Is there a command line to start up RSView32 Works in run mode and on the graphic I am trying to get running? Thanks George
  8. question on viewing Forum

    Clicking on my name did fix the issue, it was in outline view. I may not have been logged in on this computer. Thanks for the quick responses. Thanks George
  9. question on viewing Forum

    Paul, Thanks, I'll try that in the morning. George
  10. Hi, For some reason, one of my laptops is fine and I see all of a thread all at once. On my other laptop, it shows one response at a time. I can't find where to change it back. I like to see all of the thread on the same page. Thanks George
  11. Hi Ken, I made the mistake of changing where my email was being sent to, so I was unable to respond the last couple of days. I tried it in my program and also the example from TW Controls, no luck. I tried it on 2 different computers. I finally completely deleted everything started from scratch and not sure why but, it is now working. Tomorrow, I will try it on the origional program and hope everything works. Yes I know that it only logs from a flse to true transition. Thanks George
  12. datalog_test.RSS Ken, Here it is. Thanks George
  13. I tried getting this to work without any luck. I then created a program with just the rungs in Tim's example. Nothing seems to make it to the datalog program much less Microsoft Excel. I am online with the processor. Any way to troubleshoot, first in RSLogix, then in datalog program? Thanks
  14. Square D Sy/Max

    There was a ISA card you could plug into an older computer that would put you on the Sy/net network. But really go to the web site, you need a RS422 to RS232 converter and the Sy/Mate software. This will plug directly to the Processor or the network module. George
  15. TCP SmartScreen Manuals?

    If you don't have the editor software, you have to do it directly from the Smartscreen itself. I don't have access to one anymore, but I seem to remember, escape 3 times, follow the menu to alarms. I would then just edit what I wanted or copy one of the other lines. George