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  1. VFD Analog output to LOGO!

    The input cannot be reconfigured, although the software can compensate somewhat. But we've gotten the same results hooking up to the Output Frequency Reference terminal, which is 0-10V.   We have the appropriate resistor on the way, but without it we should just be seeing excessive voltage on the PLC input. Voltage above 10V just shows up as 10V in the 0BA8 (we tested that too). But nothing from the VFD shows any change in voltage whatsoever from that noisy phantom volt.
  2. VFD Analog output to LOGO!

    That's the parameters for configuring what that 0-20mA signal adjusts proportional to. As mentioned above, we've tried all of them... no luck there. I'm not certain we're wiring the connection to the input correctly.
  3. VFD Analog output to LOGO!

    Yes. Even without cable screening, though, we should still be seeing a noisy but controllable signal, instead of JUST noise.
  4. VFD Analog output to LOGO!

    All of the 0BA8 inputs have been tested and will correctly register any regular 0-10V signal.  Every analog terminal on the VFD produces the same noisy volt on our PLC. The frequency output from the VFD to the motor is optionally controlled by a potentiometer, which is working perfectly fine. We've tried hooking up to every leg of it and still get that noisy volt. We've tried 0-10V terminals and 0-20mA terminals and it's always the same.  Some connection must be missing, or incorrect... it's a stumper.
  5. VFD Analog output to LOGO!

    We've checked all four available analog inputs, tried a different 0BA8, and tried every analog terminal on the VFD.  EMI from nearby wiring has also been ruled out. Everything else is working beautifully, but we're stumped on how to get an analog signal out of the ACS310. It's always just this one volt noise.
  6. VFD Analog output to LOGO!

    Yes, and we've tried several other configurations to see if we get anything different, but nothing seems to change the output from that floating volt. I was convinced we must be missing something in the wiring, but now I'm not sure about that either.
  7. VFD Analog output to LOGO!

    I7 and I8 are configured as analog inputs. We have a test program in LOGO displaying the voltage coming in from each connection. They'll read a digital input correctly as 10v. All we're getting from this connection to the VFD is apparent phantom voltage floating around 1v. It's fluctuating, and it doesn't change regardless of the speed of the motor or the settings on the VFD.  
  8. VFD Analog output to LOGO!

    Hullo neighbors,  We've got a LOGO! 0BA8 configured to use I8 as an analog input, and the goal is to read the current operating speed of an ABB ACS310 VFD. (we want our PLC to be able to react to any changes in speed from the VFD) Problem is, nobody can figure out how to hook up the analog output from the VFD to the analog input on the PLC. Have tried going from AO -> I8 and have also tried adding a connection from the LOGO! input neutral back to the GND... nothing works.  Attached is the terminal diagram for both devices with our poor attempts labeled. Any insights?