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  1. I have a few different plc spares and other automation equipment that need clearing out. Could anyone point me in the best direction to sell these parts. Some are brand new never been used some are second hand parts.  Cheers 
  2. FX3U and e700 not fully functioning.

    I have acquired a copy of E-Designer it is version 6.13, but I am having issues downloading to the HMI. I have taken the software out of the HMI fine. The message I keep getting displayed on the screen is that the selected version doesn't match the terminal driver (E700 2.0x). No matter which one I select it comes up with this apart from version 2.0x which will send to it quite happily but doesn't solve my problem with the HMI. I am aware that the firmware needs updating in the HMI any advice on how I go about this would be appreciated cheers.
  3. FX3U and e700 not fully functioning.

    Cheers Ron,  will the latest version of e designer correct this or will I need an older version?     
  4. Hi all, I am new to this forum so apologies if this is an easy fix or has already been asked. I have machines running the old FX2N series plc with an E700 HMI, however the plc has packed up and we have started updating our gear. We are now running with the FX3U replacement plc. Everything in terms of the programme and plc seems to be running fine. But on the HMI itself, not all the values are present and some of the functions appear non-existent, unless I plug the laptop in and enter monitor mode. The values then appear and the buttons that weren't working now function until monitoring is stopped. Also while I am in monitoring I have tried to find the steps where the screen registers are and everytime I try to do a search the laptop freezes and then crashes. My case isn't helped any further as I do not have Edesigner for the HMI. This is old machinery we are currently running, any tips or advice would be appreciated! Cheers