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  1. CP1E-E10Dr-A

    Thanks for your valuable reply. I try to install version 8.2 and above.
  2. CP1E-E10Dr-A

    Thanks Mr.BobB In my computer I have installed CX Programmer V1.0. Is this correct software?. I donot find the option for choosing E10. More over My PLC is detected in Windows 10 OS but, The Cx Programmer V1.0  does not connect the PLC. Please suggest some idea.   Thanks

    Dear all I am very new to PLC and having knowledge in embedded C program.I would like to start learning PLC programming.  I have OMRON CP1E-E10DR-A , It detected in my computer. I want suggestion recommendation on that which software will be chosen to work with this PLC. Please help me. Thanks
  4. CP1E-E10Dr-A

    Hello all   I have OMRON PLC CP1E-E10DR-A.  I installed CX programmer , where I unable to connect the PLC.Driver successfully installed. In the software , i unbale to connect, there is no option for choosing E10DR, Th software has option of choosing E20 and above. Can anybody help in this?   Thanks