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  1. What are all the possible way to fetch data from nine Omron CJ2M-CPU13 for an OEE application. Is it possible to communicate by adding an EtherNet/IP module to it. I need to connect to Kepware Server.


  2. Hi,
    In a project I have four Progressive Pressing Machine. Each machine with different PLC like 

    Mitsubishi 'Q00UCPU' with 'QJ71C24N-R4', 


    'FX2N-128MR' and 

    Omron 'CJ2M-CPU13' with 'SCU41-V1' module.

    Now my task is to connect all PLC with KEPWARE Server through OPC-UA.

    Note: There is no Ethernet Port available and existing RS232 port are all connected to all respective HMI's

    In this scenario, I would like to know, do all the PLC that i have mentioned above supports OPC-UA through Ethernet if i add a new Ethernet module to each PLC. So the data transmission will be faster or else should I buy RS232 serial communication module to communicate through OPC-UA.

    And also i would like to know, what kind of "Industrial Switch" will be perfect for this application.

    Kindly suggest a best way to prove myself.

    Thanks in advance