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  1. Wincc flexible 2008 sp4 Asia migration

    Hi again  This was the solution yes, so I just saved my project with "save as version" as sp3 project then TIA Portal V13 was able to migrate it  Thxxx a lot for your help.....
  2. Wincc flexible 2008 sp4 Asia migration

    Thx for your reply This is my project with Wincc flexible 2008 sp4 Asia
  3. Hi I have project of a multi panel created with wincc flexible 2008 sp4 Asia and I need to migrate it to tia portal V14 or V15 to put it in a comfort panel The problem is that Tia portal doesn't support migration from sp4 so I need to migrate the project to Wincc flexible 2008 sp5 Asiatic and then to tia portal which is another problem because I didn't find the sp5 version of Wincc  So can I get some suggestion !!!!