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  1. Hi All, I am wondering if anyone knows if there is a way to restart logging to a USB stick without powering down and restarting the HMI. it appears not even downloading to the HMI gets it to restart. It was logging fine until i pulled the USB out to read the data from it but now it wont log after putting it back in?  Thanks for any help...Paul
  2. Hi Mate,

    Just read your post regarding setting up of Modbus on NX1p. Wondering if you would have an example program you wouldnt mind sharing with me? Hate to ask but its doing my head in trying to work it out! Cheers and thanks for any help.


  3. NX1P i/o wiring

    Hi and thanks for the reply Io rack. I guess my main issue with it is the Inputs on the main plc have to be driven by the plc supply but the inputs and outputs on the slice have to be either driven by that same power supply or a seperate one altogether. As far as I am aware There  is no option to seperate the slice inputs power supply from the slice outputs power supply. When using multiple supplies do you tie the 0v’s together or does this defeat the purpose? Cheers...Paul
  4. HI All, A quick question for you guys. I am wiring an NX1P with power supply splice PF0630 and an extra digital input slice, output slice, analogue input slice and Rs485 slice. I was advised it is best to run 2 x 24vdc supplies- 1 for PLC power and 1 for i/o power. The reason for this i was told was if any noise was generated on the i/o 24vdc it wouldnt affect the  PLC 24VDC and hence the PLC bus. I now learn  the PLC 24vdc still supplies power for the built in i/o. To me this just makes it difficult having 2 separate supplies in the field for i/o. So my question is- do you guys normally run 2 power supplies as described? If only one have you had any issues? Thanks for any help as always. Regards, Paul
  5. Bitwords

    Hi and Thanks for the response. I think my confusion comes from how to reference the name but all good now. Thanks again. Paul
  6. Bitwords

    Hi all, I am completely new to Sysmac studio and Omron Plc’s in general. I have built a demo program with an Nx1p, NA Hmi over Ethernet and 3G3MX2 drive connected  over ethercat. The program is up and running. For controlling the drive I have created an array (totally new to me) and broken it down in to wordbits which works fine. The thing is I can’t find anything in Omron documentation or on the web that refers to “wordbits”. Do you guys use wordbits or am I missing something? Thanks for any responses. Paul.
  7. Hi all, Due to the heat generated by VSD’s and also the fact that bits of copper can be dropped in to the top of them, i always thought it was good practice to put drives at the top of the panel. Problem with this is all cable entries are from bottom of panel so all EMC motor cables need to go from bottom to top using up space in the duct. Just wondered others thoughts on this as I have seen a few panels lately with the servos and vsd’s at the bottom. The plc’s and control gear seem to handle the heat ok but it’s messing with my head which is best practice? Any thoughts? Thanks.. Paul 
  8. HI All, I have recently purchased Studio 5000 whereby i was sent a link to use the Software until the Cd arrived. My laptop will not read the cd so i have copied the cd on to my hard drive. When going to install the software it gets half way through the set upp and i get a 1335 '' required for this installation is corrupt..... I have tried a few different things but cant clear this fault. Can anyone help me? Thanks in advance, Paul
  9. Hi again and thanks for that Michael. I understand about the branching off but how about sudden power loss? Wondering if Ethercat will recover and just restart from where it was. My new panel will be backed up by another panel that has ups back up on the plc which in turn starts a generator which will  supply  back up power to to the panel with ethercat and drives. I need a couple of these drives to keep running until the oil cools down and there is no more fire risk.i guess I could put another ups to keep the ethercat healthy in this case? ( I think I just solved my problem although it’s all adding to the cost). The little din rail 24vdc  ups units from omron are pretty cool I reckon especially when power dips are pretty common due to the storms we get around here. i still have to work out how to program the NX as I am relatively new to tag based and ethercat systems. I am sure there will be more questions. great forum.... Thanks again, Paul
  10. Hi Garry thanks for your reply and the link. Maybe the ethercat network I used to work on wasn’t set up correctly or something but it definitely used to go down on powering down one drive. I am still in 2 minds whether to go ethercat or Ethernet for comms. What would you do? Thanks again  Paul 
  11. Hi Guys, First  post here been doing lots of reading... I have been around PLC’s doing program mods and small projects as a Maintenance sparky for many years however I never really got in to the different communication protocols so I am pretty green in this area so apologies if my questions are very basic! I am currently designing a panel where I am going to use an NX1P2 and NA HMI to control a few drives etc. I only need to control and display  the speed of the drives through the hmi so its no huge deal. I have worked on a system before that was set up with many drives all daisy chained together but the problem was if one of the 3g3mx’s tripped on a critical fault, it had to be powered down completely to be reset which would then drop out the ethercat and stop all the drives after the tripped one. So if this was to happen on the system I am now designing I end up with a large fire risk. So my main question is: If there is a loss of all power for say 20 seconds, will ethercat recover and continue to control the drives? Due to the fire risk I am thinking I will control the start stop of the drives through the terminals and use either ethercat or Ethernet ip to control the speed through the hmi? Anyone got any experience with power outages and how ethercat recovers?  Thanks for any help. Paul