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  1. Need help: MR-J2S-100B error AL 30

    actually, you can copy the firmware. the target amp has to have a flashable cpu (HD64F7065F60). usually all custom firmware amps have those. the shflash.exe util comes with the MRC (setup161e). if the old amp (-EE085) powers up and can talk to the MRC - i know how to read the cpu memory and convert it to intel srec .mot file for the shflash... email me yurtaev at gmail dot com i will send you the memory reading util and instructions how to do it
  2. Mitsubishi MR-J3 servo hacking...

    haha... do you mean centrifuges? my lips are sealed :) and it won't go above 32767 as it is
  3. not of any practical use for most of the people, just for fun... here's a hacked MR-J3-70B driving an induction motor spindle fitted with a home-brewed encoder at 32000 rpm :) https://youtu.be/SIhoIOcmU-c
  4. once, by accident, i supplied 5VDC to CN2 encoder connector of a MR-J3-B. that was enough for the CPU to boot, and flash with alarm 16. USB was working too. i doubt about MR-J3-D01 though...
  5. MR-A-TM Termination Connector

  6. Mitsubishi servo Drive, Motor combination error.

    what's wrong with the old drive? if the problem is in the power stage and logic PCB in it is still working - you can just unscrew it and put in the new drive. if not, you can probably desolder the FLASH chip. in either case, before taking out the logic board out of the new drive - take note of params PH01..PH08. they are some kind of calibration values. and i think (but i'm not 100% sure) should be specfic to the power stage. after transplanting the logic board i would set them to values taken from the new drive with original logic board...
  7. Servo HA-RH101Y

    mitsubishi has quite a few custom motors which are not listed in any public documentation. they are usually driven by an amplifier which has either a custom firmware or motor constants written to parameters specifically for that type of motor. such amps have an alphanumeric index after the amp model name. e.g. i've seen a MR-J2S-40B-S255 amp which has 18bit encoder support added to its firmware and it knows a couple HF-KP motors. was used with the HF-KP43 motor on a DVD production line... i don't know about the HA-RH, sorry
  8. MR-J3-10B

    almost :) MR-JE,  MR-JN, MR-E should also work. for fun i even once tried to run a HC-SFS352 (no load) with a MR-J2S-10B amp and it did spin. faulted with overvoltage on too rapid decelerations, but survived just fine
  9. MR-J3-10B

    hehe :) hidden params will appear in MRC/MRC2 after you set "Parameter block" PA19=ABCD and reboot the amp. it will also work for J3, J2S, J2 and probably any other mitsubishi drive. for J3/J4 param PA19=ABCD then "Design evaluation test mode" PH18=1 for J2S param No.40=ABCD then "Test mode 2" No.183=1 for J2 param No.40=ABCD then "Test mode 2" No.96=1 use at your own risk ;)
  10. mitsubishi encoder pole detection method

    an older topic but... mitsubishi amps do not perform any pole detection with regular rotary servo motors. for the commutation to be correct, absolute encoder disc has to be aligned correctly relative to the magnetic rotor. otherwise you'll be getting overcurrent alarms. to align the encoder: - connect to the amp with MR Configurator so you can read encoder position counter - block the rotor with DC current from a lab power supply - U-positive, V-negative - loosen encoder disc hub setscrews and rotate the disc so that electrical angle is 150deg and fix the screws e.g. for a 6-pole (3 pairs) motor with 18-bit encoder that is: 262144/3 * 150/360 = 87381 * 150/360 = 36409 so encoder should read somewhere around 36409, 123790 or 211172
  11. MR-J3-10B

    actually you can... try: switch J4 into "J3 compatibility mode" with the ModeChange.exe utility set param PA19=ABCD, and cycle power to get access to extended params set param PH18=1, reboot restore PA19 to whatever it was before J4 amps know most of the older motors which include at least J2S series HC-*FS and J3 series HF-*P. due to lower encoder resolution performance may suffer somewhat, but they will work. PH18 param disables amp/motor capacity mach check and clears alarm 1A. i wouldn't use amp/motor with a big power difference for the long term, but 200W amp with 100W motor should be fine. AFAIR, MR-J3-10 and MR-J3-20 are physically identical, the only difference is a braking resistor in the later... and another thing. the J4-B manual explicitly mentions that "J3 compatibility mode" only works with HG- motors. but i tested it and it doesn't seem to be true. and the MR-J4-200B happily drives the HF-SP52 motor under SSCNET III (not III/H) control.