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  1. NA Variables

    Cheers  thanks again GBUK
  2. NA Variables

    Question answered, system Firmware updates when it goes on line. Thanks guys. GBUK
  3. NA Variables

    IO_Rack Great minds think alike, after downloading new software version, i randomly went exploring and came across the same thing, and Yeehaw! it works. No doubt this procedure will have to be repeated in the not too distant future. I have another question relating to this, when i (we) come to download the project to the HMI screen, does the screen require a "Firmware" update or is this taken care of with the software upgrade ?     Your assist has been greatly appreciated. Thank you. GBUK
  4. NA Variables

    Have updated Sys Studio to V1.26.0.35. Still no user variable input to Max/min values other than numeric.
  5. NA Variables

    IO_Rack Is or has there been version updates, I'm currently using "Standard Edition 1.17" As far as i'm led to believe this is the current version for this software. GBUK  
  6. NA Variables

    The only thing it is allowing me to do is adjust the numeric value.
  7. NA Variables

    Anyone else with any ideas??? I'm using a "Variable Array" list and want to use the same variable array list for maximum & minimum values. (see above) GBUK 
  8. NA Variables

    Thanks for your reply IO_Rack, I don't appear to have that option to overwrite these values. Initially thought it was because i was using "Variable" arrays, but have even tried it with single variables, same result. Is there a setting somewhere to allow me to implement this?? GBUK 
  9. Hi, I'm a newbie to this software (HMI - NA5/Sysmac Studio), but does anyone know if when using Numeric "DataEdit" blocks, is there a way of calling up "variables" for Maximum & Minimum values ? In CX-Designer (NS screens) i was able to call up an indirect address reference for input limits, but there doesn't appear to be a similar feature on the NA HMI.  Regards GBUK
  10. HMI - NA5/Sysmac'

    When using Numeric "DataEdit" blocks is there a way of using/inserting variables for Max & Min values ?



  11. NA5/Sysmac'

    When using Numeric "DataEdit" blocks is there a way of using variables for Max & Min values ?