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  1. NS Screen - Updating Date & Time via PLC

    you are right Tashniz, I was confused with Nibrocs Post I didn't realise that the smart active parts could be executed on an event i will have the PLC change a bit at midnight the smart active part will see this as an event and update clock sorry for the wasted time again i thought smart active parts were user inputs requiring manual activation, i didn't know you could trigger one on an event
  2. NS Screen - Updating Date & Time via PLC

    Not a problem Alberto, thanks again for you time and help
  3. NS Screen - Updating Date & Time via PLC

    Thanks Nibroc you have had the solution for a number of my problems, I will use smart active parts to manually update the NS display. I initially was after an automated solution but as time has passed i have put it in the "additional time bin". All the best luck for you in your next struggle Nibroc after helping me again.
  4. NS Screen - Updating Date & Time via PLC

    Hello Alberto, First of all thanks for replying to this post. You have commented well and I do understand the code but I have some trouble with the FINS(…) function. Could you direct me to a manual which shows the arguments for this function? ----------------------------------------- From your code; The macro is executed depending on the on/off condition of $B32000 If $B32000 is left on the macro will execute continuously. I therefore operate this bit $B32000 via the PLC, every morning for example '''Write calender information from PLC to PT 'Macro startup trigger OFF $B32000=0; You then read in the time from the PLC at $W32000 which is the PT internal memory. You then move this time to another memory location, I assume this is to give the NS screen independent memory area before the SETTIME function. Could you direct me to information on the FINS function listed below. At the moment I have an ethernet connection between PLC (network 1, node 9, unit 0) and the NS Screen (network 1, node 19, unit 0) 'Read calender information from PLC FINS(0,0,0,"0701",0,2,0,11,$W32000,0); $W32040=$W32004; $W32041=$W32003; $W32042=$W32002; This section would be used to write from the NS screen to the PLC? In my installation the time synch source will be sent to the PLC and then to the NS screen. So I can ignore this just as you have commented it out of the program 'Adjust PLC calender information '$W32001=H0702; 'FINS(0,0,0,$W32001,9,1,0,4,$W32020,0); This is the write function as you have stated 'Write calender information to PT SETTIME($W32040);
  5. NS Screen - Updating Date & Time via PLC

    Sounds like you have found the solution I am after ECSI I haven't used macros as yet so i will investigate and then apply and post the success.
  6. NS Screen - Updating Date & Time via PLC

    Thanks Bits n Bytes that is definetly the docuemtn to reference. After an attempt I have had no luck. I believe the NS screen keeps it's clock as read only unless manually adjusted. The following will explain the procedure; The HMI requires a shared data area with the PLC. This is called SYSTEM MEMORY. The time and date information is located in the SYSTEM MEMORY. I needed to share this information between the PLC and the NS Display Note that the PLC and NS Display use the same data format for date and time. 1. First I allocated memory to share in the PLC (Using CX Programmer) The shared SYSTEM MEMORY will be the DM2000 area (suited for my purposes). (Refer Appendices 3 of NS Series -V1 Programming Manual V073-E1-06 for available data areas.) 2. Secondly set up System Memory Mapping on NS Display Although I wanted to share the word memory (not worried about the bit memory) I did have to allocate both word and bit memories to the DM memory of my PLC. If not an error would occur in CX Designer To set the memory area in the NS Display (Using CX Designer) I used the following tabs System Settings> Initial> System Memory $SB Allocation [PLC NAME]:DM02090 $SW Allocation [PLC_NAME]:DM02100 3. Thirdly select words to share between on NS Display (Using CX Designer) To set the data to be mapped to the memory area in the NS Display System Settings> Initial> System Memory List> Next Page> Next Page> Tick to Select Time&Date (I use BCD) 4. I then downloaded all the settings to the NS screen. (Using CX Designer) 5. With the PLC online I could see the time information via CX-Programmer watchwindow looking at DM 2113 and subsequent addresses 6. I placed a move statement in the PLC to write to the shared SYSTEM MEMORY. MOV A351 D2113 ( supposed to be move PLC clock to shared SYSTEM MEMORY) The same goes with the rest of the date and time 7. The PLC is currently moving the PLC clock to the shared SYSTEM MEMORY but the NS display then writes over the data. I believe the NS clock can only be read remotely and not written. Thanks again Bits n Bytes i changed my previous post to reflect the latest release I am downloading Version 6 now and with a slow connection on site the 19meg pdf may take a little time, cheers again
  7. NS Screen - Updating Date & Time via PLC

    Sorry Members I may have found my answer in the endless resource of omron manuals A better look over the literature uncovered Section 2-4 of the NS Programming Manual (V073-E1-05.pdf) I will investigate and post the outcome
  8. Just wondering if anyone has used a PLC to update the time and date on the NS display screens. I have checked the NS manuals but from what i have seen (so far) is methods for manual setting the clock. I want the PLC and NS times to be synchronised for accurate time stamping of alarms when compared to other equipment around the plant. cheers,
  9. Multiple BMP Triggered by Multiple Bits

    Thanks Chris, That is exactly what i was after in this application. Secondly in a few other applications i will go to word level with and display using a word lamp so that i can show several states of an object. thanks again
  10. free HMI bitmap or jpeg

    I am fairly new to bitmap design but have done work using MSpaint for scada and a panelview and found this frustrating. Namely when you wanted to match colours, using the correct pixel rectangle etc. I am now using GIMP and will not look back. i am using a windows installer version but after a day i am now counting the time i have saved. It has a bucket of features which i do not care of at the moment but either way it is ideal for this type of work highly recommended
  11. Multiple BMP Triggered by Multiple Bits

    Hello All, I am programming with a CJ1M and a NS-10-V1 HMI screen and have relatively new versions of CX programmer and CX designer (1.00). Basically I have four bitmaps which i want to trigger depending on the status of the follwing bits; CB_Closed CB_Open Isolator_Closed Earth_Switch_Closed So an example scenario earth switch open, isolator closed, cb closed then show a bitmap of the single line energised. another one might be earth switch open, isolator closed, cb open so show the feeder unenergised but with the isolator closed Ideally i would want a bit lamp with multiple bitmaps and the combination of digital bits corrosponds to the bitmap displayed. I am after a function like in the panelviews multistate indicator can someone keep me up to date? However from an earlier post i believe this has to be done by overlaying bit lamps. If this is the case so be it, and i will do something tricky plus put in the request for the next version cheers
  12. SCU Communications Card

    Working thanks sleepy and just to confirm i think you meant PLC to ADAM Pin Connections of Male to Male - 9 Pin D shell PLC to RS232 / 485 converter 2 to 3 3 to 2 9 to 5 7 to 4&6 bridge
  13. SCU Communications Card

    Thanks sleepy working fine where did you find this info i looked over the omron manuals but perhaps not deep enough! you may have meant PLC to ADAM too ... May have jumped the gun a bit early in the race. I don't think i have the pin outs correct but I am getting both the send and recieve pulsing which is an improvement. I will check my work in the morning Was this wiring info in the manuals? if so could you direct me to the appropriate one? i was thinking Section 3 of the CJ1W-SCU21/SCU41 Serial Communication Unit Operation Manual W336-E1-06
  14. SCU Communications Card

    Thanks Sleepy will investigate
  15. SCU Communications Card

    Hello All, I am currently utilising both serial ports of a SCU41-VI for two separate 2 wire , 485 , Modbus networks. Q1. I noted that Sleepy and BobB both recommend the Adam 4520, consequently I have one in stock. I wanted to know what cable was used between the SCU RS232 port and the ADAM 4520. Straight through with a gender changer? Q2. As stated I have two independent modbus networks with 8 modbus nodes on each network. Am i right in believeing that two networks will yield a faster response compared to one network with 16 nodes? The real question is probably that the RS485 Port can execute a read request concurrently with the RS232 port executing a read request ( too different nodes on different networks). I believe yes because the two PCMR instructions are using a different logical port in the read requests. therefore i could be accessing twice as much information on a 2 x 8 node network when compared to a 1 x 16 node network. thanks in advance