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  1. Oh man thank you so much!!!! It worked!! Indeed the SR function block holds the first signal coming from the start push button (set) and with another stop push button you can simply reset the SR function block (cutting off the set signal) so the automatic cyclus will stop!  Again thank you!   
  2. I dont know if this is the correct forum for subjects like this. Can somebody help me?
  3. Hi,  Im trying things out with Festo Fluidsim but i got stuck on a issue which i cant solve by myself. I created a sequence control based on 4 cylinders: A+B+C+(A-D+)(B-D-)C-  First a made a relay based circuit and after that i used Logic module. With relay based circuit i can automatically start the cycles over without holding the start button like this:  But this hold-on relay technique doesnt work with a logic module. I have to program it inside but dont know how. Can somebody explain me how i can create a continue automatic cycles without holding the start button?