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  1. Hello Michael, I solved it, after learning the following add-on instruction specifics: -  once you create a complete (Parameters and Local Tags  + Logic: see the rules in the above mentioned manual) add-on instruction (compiled successfully) with a certain name (say MUFFIN), you will observe that a new type of data (named MUFFIN) shows up under DATA TYPES, ADD-ON-DEFINED DATA; - you now have to define (under Main Task /Programs PARAMETER AND LOCAL TAGS, or in the upper CONTROLLER TAGS) a new reference  tag (say PONNY) of this new MUFFIN type; - now the set is on for a successfull call of the created add-on instruction: MUFFIN(PONNY, MUFFIN_IN, MUFFIN_OUT). It is perhaps my rookie impression, after reading the manuals very carefully, that this sequence if NOT explained.  Thank you again. Radu PS. Corrected ACD file attached. SFC_trial_corrected.ACD
  2. Hello Michael, Thank you for the quick reply & suggestion, I tried it, with no luck. Also note that I am having problems with calling the add-on  instruction in my ACD (left-hand path), and not the subroutine (right-hand path). The add-on instructions manual 1756-PM010I, page 31, lists EOT, IOT, RET, etc., as "unavailable instructions", so I guess this is a dead end. Still digging. Radu
  3. Hello folks,   I am a rookie, self-training in PLC programming. I have written an SFC exercise (attached ACD file). I also try to call STL written subroutines and add-on instructions, from within the SFC main program. Calling the created subroutine works fine, but calling the add-on instruction fails from a reason which is above my level. I tried, tried and tried different solutions, with no avail. I am either wrong in writing the add-on (perhaps some missing but missing tag ?), or wrong is calling it. Can someone please give me a hint on what I do wrong ?   Thank you, Radu PS . I use Studio 5000 v24, combined with RSLogix 5000 Emulator.     SFC_trial.ACD
  4. PLC trainee View File SFC test file; cant call an STL written add-on from SFC main program Submitter Radu Babau Submitted 02/04/19 Category PLC Sample Code
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    SFC test file; cant call an STL written add-on from SFC main program