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  1. Currently have a A1SJ71E71-B2-S3 in the system for coaxial (thin) ethernet (10BASE-2), it's connected to a conversion module for TP-cable and from that then to a PC with plain TP network card.  I was thinking about getting an A1SJ71E71N3-T to replace it and that way get rid of the converter from coax to TP. I wonder if it's possible to just have it hooked directly to the computer without hub - if I need a hub there's really no point in swapping - as there's still another thing between the computer and the PLC system that can cause problems. I was looking through the manual at mitsubiSIH.com and they seem to think they are connected to large nets with a bunch of hubs, PLC systems and computers. Appreciate thoughts and help. 
  2. Bought a USB interface, mainly because the old TS Adapter programming interface needed a COM-port and a COM<>USB adapter didn't help (as expected).  Can't get it to work though in STEP 5.5, first it doesn't want to install "SIMATIC PC Adapter USB V2.0" that's present on the installation CD for the programmer - because V8.2 is already installed apparently.  Selecting Siemens USB in PG/PC is no problem (S7USB) and it shows in the device manager as "SIMATIC PC Adapter USB" in "SIMATIC devices" (disappears if interface is disconnected) and "SIMATIC USB" in "SIMATIC Net" but I don't know if the interface works properly, must be some way of testing it.  This is the error message: "288:91; With the interface configuration, communication in STEP7 is not possible." Trying TS Adapter (Auto) seems to get the Tx/Rx flashing a bit but when pressing OK it says "11.159; The interface must be the only master on bus for the required online service.", it offers to adjust the interface but there's no master setting anywhere that I can find.  It's just the C7-621 with the interface hooked up to MPI. Any ideas? EDIT:  Seems it's missing a registry entry "Software/Siemens/SINEC/LogDevices/S7USB/CP_TYPE" ??
  3. V1.1 or V1.2 of C7-621 6ES7621-1AD02-0AE3?

    Thanks.  Bought a USB interface for the C7-621 but I can't connect to get to the "Accessible Nodes" - or anything really "288:91 With the interface configuration, communication in STEP7 is not possible." I'll post a new thread about it. 
  4. First time in STEP7, was going to set up the system.  I got stuck with the C7-621, there's two versions of the 6ES7621-1AD02-0AE3 that I have and I have no idea if it's V1.1 or V1.2.  Do You know if it makes a difference which one I choose or how I find out which one I have?
  5. Extension cable from C7-621?

    Hey.  I wonder if the DSUB 15pin cable between the C7-621 and the extension module (Simatic S7, 6ES7 621-1AD00-6AE3) is a plain straight 1:1 cable or if there's anything special about it?  Want to replace it since I have various problems and the cable bends back and forth every time the hatch opens (display part in lid, the rest in the cabinet).  It's a pretty short cable, less than 0.5m, I'm also guessing it needs to be of limited length.  I haven't found any information at all searching for it.  Hope You can help. 
  6. Profibus or MPI?

    I have a CPU313 (Simatic S7-300), don't know if it's Profibus or MPI, connector only says X1.  How do I check?