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  1. First time in STEP7, was going to set up the system.  I got stuck with the C7-621, there's two versions of the 6ES7621-1AD02-0AE3 that I have and I have no idea if it's V1.1 or V1.2.  Do You know if it makes a difference which one I choose or how I find out which one I have?
  2. Extension cable from C7-621?

    Hey.  I wonder if the DSUB 15pin cable between the C7-621 and the extension module (Simatic S7, 6ES7 621-1AD00-6AE3) is a plain straight 1:1 cable or if there's anything special about it?  Want to replace it since I have various problems and the cable bends back and forth every time the hatch opens (display part in lid, the rest in the cabinet).  It's a pretty short cable, less than 0.5m, I'm also guessing it needs to be of limited length.  I haven't found any information at all searching for it.  Hope You can help. 
  3. Profibus or MPI?

    I have a CPU313 (Simatic S7-300), don't know if it's Profibus or MPI, connector only says X1.  How do I check?