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  1. GX Works2 installation problem

    Had this restart issue today. I deleted the registry entry like you suggested and it fixed it. The only way I found to prevent this is to sign into windows with an administrator account. Otherwise, I would have to modify the registry.   Thanks.
  2. UPDATE: I ended up just using TCP but the open and closing connections was slowing down my C# performance. If it helps anyone in the future, I found out you can send UDP messages to the E71 on port 5000 without using any open settings. This is an Auto-Open UDP port that never changes. This solves my original issue in the first post. 
  3. I have a centralized PLC that acts as interface between all PCs in our building to all machines in the building. The building internet is connected to the PLC CPU ethernet port. I want to be able to send McProtocol messages to any PLC in the building using CC-Link IE. I have made a program in C# that communicates to the centralized PLC with McProtocol using UDP on PLC port 4998. My C# program can run on any PC in our building and can read and write data to and from the centralized PLC.  The manual SH(NA)-080811 states computers can only communicate with the connected CPU module using McProtocol. As shown here So, to get around this I can use a QJ71E71-100 and I have been successful sending McProtocol messages to remote PLCs over CC-Link IE. My issue is that the settings for QJ71E71-100 requires a set IP address to communicate per one connection. Example: This ruins my original program design because in C# I would send a MC message to the CPU on port 4998 and it would work from any PC. I would like to have this same functionality on the QJ71E71-100. The only way I know of around this is to have all PCs send their request to a server and have a C# program running on the server handle all MC data.   So simply is there a way on the QJ71E71-100 to allow McProtocol messages to be processed on a port from any IP address like I can on the CPU ethernet?   CPU model is Q26UDVCPU. All other PLCs are communicated through CC-Link IE Field on QJ71GF11-T2 cards.    
  4. Thank you for your reply. I am aware they are not the same. My function is very basic in operation only using the read and write commands. It may be more accurate to say I'm using SLMP messages over CC-Link IE networks. Like I mentioned I can't use SLMP with the CPU port to access other networked PLCs. But using the QJ71E71-100 I can access any networked PLC but I can't use any IP address on the same UDP port like I can with the CPU port.  It may not be possible but maybe I missed something.
  5. Update on this. I did end up changing the machine network to 40 and so far, have noticed no issues. Hope this helps someone one day.
  6. Is there any negative result of changing CC-Link IE network number on an established working machine? Referring to the attached image is the actual machine network I am dealing with. The network I want to change is the purple Network #3. The reason is because we use wireless LAN to access all PLCs in the plant through a central PLC on the Red network #7. Currently, I do not have network access to any PLC on the purple network 3. The black box is showing a single PLC rack with two CC-Link IE network cards mounted. The red Network #7 is connected to the central PLC. But the central PLC already has a network #3 in use so I cannot create a routing table for my target network. I would like to change the purple Network #3 to something like Network #40 so I can create a routing table in the central PLC to get me network access to all stations.  Are there any ladder functions that may reference a network Number? The "Start I/O No." will not change.
  7. I looked through the QJ71GF11-T2 manual and seen the dedicated instructions you mentioned. For example, the JP.READ instruction uses Jn to indicate " Own station's network No.". Wouldn't this be the network number on that local PLC and the routing parameters would be used to access a remote target network?
  8. To my knowledge all GOT's only connect to their local PLC so I see no issue there. I checked the module setup in GX works and I can't find any reference to any other network. There is refresh parameters but I'm not changing the station number so I see no issue? All PLCs are QCPU of varying models using QJ71GF11-T2 CC IE modules 
  9. Issue Connecting to PLC through C-Link Network

    Last reply, I figured out my memory error or UM Protection error message. I had my connection settings wrong. My FINS destination address had the unit number set as the CLK card and not the CPU. I am now able to read from the targeted CPU.
  10. I'm trying to connect to a remote PLC from a remote PLC. I have issues using ethernet but have no issue using a USB cable. Lets call PLC 1(CJ2M-CPU35) is the one I'm connected to and I'm trying to reach PLC 2(CS1H-CPU65H) for remote ladder monitoring. I am connected to the built in ethernet port on PLC1 with my computer. On PLC1 rack is a controller link card that is on network 30 and connects to a controller link card on PLC 2. I drew out the network in a simple form in attached capture.jpg. I open PLC 1 program in CX-programmer and insert and PLC in the project workspace on the left. I enter the settings for PLC 2 Device type and on Network type I select PLC1. In settings for FINS Source I use Network 1 and for FINS Destination I use network 30 and node 6. I try to go online and I can never go online. I can go into CX-Integrator and pull up my network for network 30. I see 6 nodes attached to network 30 which is correct but they all say UnknownDevice. Also I get error messages(reference image 6024 and 6025).  Now if I use a USB cable directly to PLC1 and set up using Toolbus(USB) for FINS network 1 and node 1. And add PLC2 using FINS network 30 and node 6. This combination works fine for me, in CX-integrator all models of node on the network show up with model numbers and no errors(reference image 6027 and 6028). I can go online with PLC 2 while physically connected to PLC1.   I've tried using EtherNet/IP cards also on PLC1 and still can't connect. I just can't seem to get ethernet to work. I attached the routing table for PLC1 (image 6026) for reference.   Any help is appreciated thanks.
  11. Issue Connecting to PLC through C-Link Network

    @Berti Baker You were correct I needed to add routing table information on node 6 to send messages back to node 1. After that I was able to connect online. However now my issue is trying to transfer from PLC at node 6 and getting a error message saying "PLC has memory error or UM Protection enabled" I check read protection and seen they were all off. Still investigating this issue.
  12. PLC to PLC

    Depends on the information you want to share between the two. I would suggest Wasan solution of using "Socket Communication". It's easy to understand and setup once you figure it out. If you want to share data in real time I would suggest a CC-link network between the two. But if speed or update speed is not an issue then socket communication would work fine.
  13. I have a machine that will sometimes execute the HEX instruction with characters that are not HEX values. The instruction gives the 4100 operation error, the PLC goes to stop and machine will stop entirely. I don't want to change PLC RAS to continue if this error occurs. I have no way of changing the data I receive since it comes from a outside machine. I'd prefer to just check the data before the HEX instruction executes and prevent the execution entirely if the data is going to cause an alarm. I made a sample ladder below of what I came up with to check each of the 4 characters of data. It seems kind of redundant and I feel could be made shorter using different functions. Is there an easier way to do this? If had many more characters this would take many rungs of ladder to accomplish. Thanks.  
  14. Machine has a Q50UDEHCPU. I tried the FOR NEXT loop you mentioned. I see where this accomplishes the same thing with less ladder for a longer string. Is this what you had in mind? I tested and it does work. Could this be improved more? Like using a break to exit the loop if a bad value was found?