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  1. FX5U Shift Dword

    @Panic mode thank you for your advice. My goal is for measuring a part on a belt. I do it with a encoder and with the trigger I start the measuring. I one cycles it can that we have max 30 products. This data I will **** this to data register so I can after the end cycles to write it to SD card.  I have upload the program what I have now. But the problem is from ruel ±90. First is for starting the high speed counter. Then I read the max value from the high speed counter en move it to D0. Then some ruels for testing so I can put the value back to zero for tesing. And then where the problem is I will the data from the value shiften in D2 untill D60. So I can write it to a sd card after the cycles. But the valeu shiften for 32bit is not working. measuring on belt.gx3
  2. FX5U Shift Dword

    Dear panic mode, Thanks for your support. I have already try the SHR from page 1283. I have make 2 labels as double word so then they are 32 bit. One for in and the other one is for the SHR out. Then by N you must fill in 1 till 31. I have try all but if i try to rebuild (F4) then it give a error in the 32bit label. I have also try it with 16 bit then I can rebuild it and there is no error.   I hope that you uderstand it otherwise let me now.
  3. FX5U Shift Dword

    I read the max value from a encoder SD4502. In the label I have sign the SD4502 as double word. If the trigger ( X10) is high then the value is counting in SD4502.  If the trigger flange is going down I puls with DHCMOV the value from SD4502 to D0. Now I will storage this data like shifting but it is only working on 16 bit. Is any one that can help how I can solved for 32 bit? I have tryit with commando sfr, SFL or BSFR,BSFL and also SHR_E. measuring on belt.gx3