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  1. Hello Did you set up modules parameter: Initial parameter setting to "Without initial processing" ?
  2. Is it possible to use GTSoftGOT2000 for QnACPU

    Hi, you can connect to QnACPU using RS-232 connection. But I give you second option: please check Weintek products - it is cheaper, you don't need computer and you can connect any size of screen. https://www.weintek.com/globalw/Product/Product_speccMT.aspx I used it before and working nice with Mitsubishi PLC. Damian

    Hi, I think the simple method is: if X001 = ON then MOV k100 to some register f.e. D10 if X001=OFF then mov K0 to register D10 if X002 = ON then MOV K50 to register D11 if X002 = OFF then mov K0 to register D11 and same for all other inputs. finally add D10 + D11 + next registers and send this value to D200

    Yes, you need to set different stations numbers. For IP adress you need to set them into same group: 192.168.3.***. For example: PLC: GOT: By the way, if you have clean PLC and GOT, you don't have to change anything in PLC parameters and in GT-Designer it is enough to select correct Controller type and connection type. All other settings should stay defaults.

    I marked point which you should change.  

    I think that problem is because of setting same station number for Got and PLC. Please change GOT station number to 40.
  7. FX5U and FX5-ENET/IP

    I got from Fanuc. Give me your e-mail - I will send to you.
  8. FX5U and FX5-ENET/IP

    I'm made only settings for Q-series, but maybe it could be similar: 1. Make configuration of Fanuc robot (I belive you purchased required option) - need to set up IP adress in same group like PLC and DI/DO amount 2. Using Mitsubishi ENET/IP configuration tool need to set correct IP adress for CPU 3. Add Robot controller to the network - you need correct EDS file (I have for R30iB) 4. Set correct IP for robot controller, size of I/O (same amount as you did on robot controller) and finally adress where comunication signals should be send (in my case Ethernet IP module was istalled just after CPU so Input adress was U3E1\G10000, and Output U3E0\G10000) 5. In GX Works you need to transfer those adresses to some register. I used command BMOV. Example: BMOV U3E1\G10000 D800 K33 U3E1\G10000 - from where D800 - to where K33 - amount of words   hope somehow it can be helpful.
  9. FX5U and FX5-ENET/IP

    I made setup for Fanuc using Ethernet/IP network. However I had to use special C type CPU for Q-series Mitsubishi. Comunication is set-up using dedicated software: EIP4CCPU from Mitsubishi. I've never seen FX5U which is using Ethernet/IP protocol