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  1. Hi Everyone -  I need your input - I created an LD program for a 5 Alarm system - The system is divided into 2 parts - 1st part the absent of signal (24v) (input X4) triggers a general Alarm (Y5) and start a timer - 2nd part - After Timer has been completed - I am resetting 3 relays - R11 - to remove the input signal (X4) and this way - allow my equipment to trigger the alarm that originated the problem (Y4). R2 - To reset my general alarm output (Y5) and Y5 - To reset the general output. . What this does it allows my Equip to finish processing by enabling (Y5) and then trigger the true alarm (Y4) - by removing the signal..  However - What I noticed is that when the timer has elapsed. R11 is energized and removes the signal from Y4 - which is what I want! - My question is in order to reset the timer or restart the program once my Equipment has been fix - Is resetting the PLC - RUN-PRG-RUN is correct (Good Practice) or is it something by code that I can include? The Picture shows one alarm - the are 5 of this - basically the same setup w/ different timers Thanks in advanced for your feedback
  2. Panasonic FP0 C14RS

    Hi All, I was able to figure it out and now my program is working -- I just wanted to post it in case another newbie like me comes and ask a similar question - This is for a Panasonic FP0C14RS Thanks again! Alarm_Delay.doc
  3. Panasonic FP0 C14RS

    Here is my Program in a Word Document - Only two alarms are shown here, but in total I will have 5 input Y0 - Is the Original Alarm Y5 - is my Create Alarm   thanks again   Exh_Delay_alarm.doc
  4. Panasonic FP0 C14RS

    Hi All, I am new to the forum and new to programming PLC and like every newbie I have a lot of questions - Brief History of me - I had been a Manufacturing Technician for 20 years and recently got my BS on Electrical Engineering and now working as an Equipment Engineer. The main reason that got me interested in PLC's is my degree,  the field that I would like to get into and a recent problem that arise at work. My experience with PLC is very small in programming, some in TS I/O- However I had been studying by my self to the point that I built a test bench to understand it better and in the future create different project for learning purposes Currently I am putting together a tool Alarm delay program - Basically my exhaust sensors trigger an alarm (input signal turns OFF) before its send  the signal to my tool for abort, I want to create a different Alarm which will cause a different response from my tool and delay the original Alarm by 10 min and then trigger the original Alarm - PLC = Panasonic FP0C14RS  Reasons: Create a different Alarm: The response from my tool to this alarm will allow me to return my material back from the tool and put it in a safe spot. Delay the Alarm: Use a timer to perform this tasks - This the time that approx. it takes the to return the material. Trigger the original Alarm: I need to know which sensor was the problem in order to properly TS- So after my timer is complete - I want to know which sensor created the original Alarm My Current problem: I created the LD program, and while the original alarm stays OFF the program works fine - but since my exhaust sensor are always on - If my original alarm is trigger for  a few seconds, just enough to start my Delay Alarm: I dont have a way to know which sensor trigger after my Delay(Timer)is complete,  I reset my relays in order to be ready for new alarm.   Please provide feedback to my program - I know currently is not the best way or efficient way to do this and there are better ways, but my plan is to get it to work and then later revisions improve the way the program can be written   Thanks in advanced for your feedback and help