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  1. MP277 Live Graphing

    I see, thanks for the feedback.
  2. S7300 PNDP Web2PLC login question

    Create a user called "everybody", and dont assign a password to that user. That will allow anyone to access the userdefined webpages without login. But it the user will have read-only permission.
  3. MP277 Live Graphing

    Are you so sure that x/y trends are not possible with MP277 ? If I understand it correctly, the x/y trends is a feature with WinCC v11, and thus when the firmware on the panel matches the WinCC version, the x/y trends should be there, yes ? I may be wrong.
  4. Report system error

    No experience with KTP1000PN. But you are probably using it with a PN CPU, right ? If so, may I suggest that you enable the webserver on the CPU. That will allow anyone to view the diagnostics buffer with a webbrowser. And that is essentially the same information you have with RSE. It is not so far-fetched, because HW errors must be rare, and if it does happen it will not be such a big deal to ask people to hook up a PC to diagnose the problem. NB. Enabling the webserver costs approx 200 kB on the MMC card.
  5. OB121 Fault

    If you can accept to halt the program, then I suggest that you delete OB121 from the online program. This will force the CPU to fault, and importantly will allow you to examine the Stacks. You can use these to jump straight to where in the program the erronous code is. You can also save the OB121 information in a DB (the TEMP values previously suggested). But, it will only tell what you could have found out by investigating the diagnostics buffer. And that information will probably just be that there is a problem in a certain FC or FB. Not precisely what or where the error is.
  6. S7 data block initial value

    There is no such instruction to do exactly that by code in the S7 CPU. Alternatively you can copy the values from one DB to another with SFC20 BLKMOV. So you can have a DB with default values. It costs an extra DB though. Or alternatively you can do it with STEP7. Open the DB in question, then you can find an "initialise datablock" in the menu. Then save the block, and download it to the CPU.
  7. How to Find Where an Address is Used...?

    Is it STEP7 v5.5 or TIA (= STEP7 v11) ? If it is STEP7 v5.5, then you can select the adress in the LAD/FBD/STL editor, and hit CTRL-ALT-Q. That brings up a small window with all the accesses for that particulr address. Click on one of the displyed lines and the editor will jump to that place. Notice that there is a "display overlapping adresses" (or something like that, dont remember exactly). Be sure to select that one so that you will se all the accesses for example M10.0 is accessed by MB10, MW10, MD8, etc..
  8. MP277 Live Graphing

    With WinCC v11 x/y-graphs should be possible. I havent tried it though. With WinCC Flexible 2008 true x/y-graphs are not possible. The closest to x/y-graphs are buffered trend curves. The difference to realtime trends is that all the values on the x-axis are read from a DB in one instance rather than only one at a time. To make an x/y-graph "like" trend in the PLC code you have to calculate the y-values over the x-axis with fixed distance between each value on the x-axis. For WinCC Flexible PC RT, I use an active-x to get true x/y-graphs. It wont work on a Windows CE based panel like MP277 though.
  9. Connect to a siemens s7 300 using ethernet

    The "edit ethernet node" usually works on a brand new CPU with no IP set yet. If the IP has already been set, then it wont work. That explains why you could do it after resetting the PLC. I always just use to download the HW Config. It works in the same way that if the IP has not been set, you then browse for reachable nodes via the MAC addresses, and select the one that is the CPU you want to download to. When the CPU is new and has no IP yet, you will be prompted to accept to set the IP, and you just say yes to that. This works always, also if the IP has already been set to something else. If the IP has been set to something else, you have to make sure that the subnet allows the CPU to be reached, Apart from that there is nothing to it.
  10. EtherNet/IP for S7

    What do you need to do ? Control I/O devices on Ethernet/IP ? Or exchange data with Ethernet/IP enabled CPUs ?
  11. Main Features of a CPU

    A few things to look at: Processing speed. Size of memory. I/O capacity. Feature set of the programming languages. Support for communication protocols. Communication performance. Support for distributed I/O. Distributed I/O capacity. Supports integrated motion functions. Supports integrated safety functions. Supports RIUP. Support for CPU redundancy. Support for I/O redundancy. Support for network redundancy. Reliability. Documentation. Tech support. Availability of spares. Price.
  12. Math with data type TIME?

    IamJon, I suggest you use the IEC timer TON, as the S5Timers are really an arcaic leftover from S5. To do math with a TIME variable, switch to STL mode, since there is no typechecking in STL. You can switch back to LAD or FBD, only the rungs that no longer can be represented as LAD or FBD will display as STL.
  13. Time measurement with S7-315

    Forget the S5 timers. Use the IEC timers in stead. It uses the time in TIME format, which increments in milliseconds. In order to for example add or subtract TIME values, you will hit a small problem because the mathematical functions expect the type to be DINTs so the typechecking will fail. The simple solution is to use STL, since there is no typechecking in STL. Just a small sample : L "my_IEC_timer".ET // load the expired time as TIME value. T "some_DINT_address" // transfer to a Merker or Datablock doubleword with DINT type.
  14. Protool / Protool Pro

    What version is your Protool Pro vx.x spx ? Is it the programming software that you are missing, or only the PC RT software ?