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  1. Huge thank you for your reply, my main problem was I didn't start a new project. After I wade thru the programming manual I'm sure I'll have a few more questions. Still determining what the different I/O numbering scheme is all about. I have 1000*, 0050*,& 0000*, I'm assuming the 10000's are actual hard inputs but i'm still reading the manuals. I own a small electrical firm & one customer who is a food processor has two machines with these Modicom Micro units (made in USA & programmed by relatives in Israel {small manufacture}), two other machines with Mitsubishi FX plc units ( made in Canada & programmed there too ) & all the machines were purchased in the 90's & both manufacturers are out of business for years now & the customer thinks I should keep these antiques running! Another customer bought a used control system for their hot mix plant with an older AB/Rockwell SLC 500 plc & oh yes, guess who had to reprogram that.Just because I don't have enough to do I went to an Idec class just to compare their systems. Right now I think I would rank them Idec, Rockwell, Mitsubishi, and waaaaay over on the other side of the planet Modicon. Could be just the learning curve or my winter attitude. Yes I admit the Proworx 32 is old software that hasn't been updated thru the years with all the bells & whistles.  Aside from the Mitsubishi, none of them appear to use any advanced functions in the program, so I can happily reassign I/O's as needed. Once again THANK YOU
  2. Help, I purchased a copy of Proworx 32 lite V 2.1 pack A a LOOOONG time ago & I cannot remember how to read from the controller ( Micro 110 ). All the controller functions are grayed out. I can see the controller when I use the Navigator function. Thought if I could see the controller I should be able to read the program but the software will not let me " read from controller" that function is grayed out. Most likely it is some minor step my old mind has forgotten. Could someone PLEASE walk me thru it in baby steps as I'm sure I am making a childish mistake?