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  1. NX IO Unreliable?

    When inducing failure by prodding cards, the end result is TS lamp on card being prodded and all cards to right flashing red. CPU then cannot “see” these cards until power cycled. I use PF0630 to feed IO power to cards. From memory, I think the PF0730 is just a higher current version. The AD3204 cards immediately to the CPU right of don’t need IO power so didn’t place the PF0630 in the rack until just before the ID5442 cards that require the IO power supply. The options available with the NX bus for feeding and taking off IO power is one of the things I like about the NX system so would like to keep using it if I can work out why it is behaving so unreliably.
  2. NX IO Unreliable?

    Thanks to drforsythe and BE for their replies. I have 2 racks of IO. One is direct to CPU and other is on EtherCAT coupler. CPU rack photo is attached here. CPU rack does have issues with AD3204 modules going into error. Most recently, AD3204 in slot 1 was failing when prodded, so swapped it to last position of the 8 where it behaved flawlessly as did module now in slot number 1. The EtherCAT rack also has issues with TS3101 modules going into fault when prodded and behaviour is similar to that described above where a module that seems unreliable can be relocated to a different position in the rack and then behave fine as will module now in position of previously failing module. 
  3. Has anyone found Omron NX IO to be unreliable? I have 2 racks of various NX analogue and digital IO where connections between the IO modules appear to fail when modules are prodded with a finger. System will be running fine without error, then prodding/pushing IO modules will cause TS lamp to flash red on module and cause CPU to throw various errors such as image below. After cycling power, system will start up and run fine with no errors present. Doesn't appear to be related to any particular module and where a particular module looks suspect, fault symptoms will not follow suspected faulty module when swapping with other modules of same type in the rack. Contacts on sides of modules are clean with no dirt or corrosion visible. System has been installed for 24 months and these issues started appearing at around 12 months and seems like it is getting worse. Local Omron tech support are saying solution is to "re-seat" the modules by sliding modules in and out of the rack 10 times. Strangely enough, this actually improves situation for a while and then modules will start playing up again. I am wondering if this is typical of NX IO modules? The connector arrangement on sides of the modules on close inspection looks like it may be prone to spring/wire side of connection jumping out of shallow grove in mating module.  
  4. There appear to be bugs with the EditVariable method that are not documented anywhere.  Firstly code below will not work and at same time Sysmac will not report this as an error where the variable to be edited is declared inside a subroutine. The program will compile fine but keypad will not appear when the sub is executed. However, if the variable is declared in the Global Variables table, the keypad will appear and the variable can be edited. I have also tried declaring the variable as Public out side of the subroutine and keypad still fails to appear. Sub EditValue     Dim Index As UShort     EditVariable("Index") End Sub Second issue is that EditVariable will not work if the variable to be edited is an array using variable as the index into the array. For example EditVariable("myArray(Index)") will not work whereas EditVariable("myArray(1)") will work. The above issue also appears when using a DataEdit object and trying to use an array with a variable as the index as the variable of the data edit object. Stupid thing about this is that MinimumValue and MaximumValue fields in the same DataEdit object will take an array with a variable as the index. Has anyone found a way around these problems?