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  1. Hi all,  During programing FX5U PLC of Mitsubishi, i found that FX5U offer two type of memory. High speed (D) and normal memory (R). Anyone know the different between D & R memory ? If i'm using R memory, scan time of PLC will increase ? Thanks  
  2. When i looking infor on internet i found this answer but i can't fully understand.
  3. Hi all,  Currently i working on project require connect GT SoftGOT2000 with Cognex barcode reader DM 8600. In manual i found Mitsubishi support that connection but i can't establish connect between two device (Mean i can't receive code from barcode reader). I connect Barcode reader to USB port of PC,  anyone can help me ? My SoftGOT ver is: 1.225K    
  4. Keyence Vision System and Mitsubishi

    Cv-X camera support direct connect with Fx5U by SLMP,  you can find very clear instruction in used manual.
  5. How to make a recipe?

    Maybe when you run HMI it load data from old recipe file. Try to delete old file and retry.  
  6. Positioning with FX5U and FX5-40SSC

    Thank Ekke, Gambit. 
  7. Positioning with FX5U and FX5-40SSC

    Hi Levent1970, can you share me where you can download " FB s from Mitsubishi ", i can't find example from mitsubishi.
  8. Hi Gambit, Thank for your helpful respond. But i could not find Modbus address from Cognex, i attach manual connection from cognex.   CommunicationsAndProgramming.pdf
  9. Hi all, I try to connect Q06UDV with Barcode reader of cognex over MODBUS (Build in ethernet PLC). 1. I already finish connect and success with SLMP. 2. Now i try with MODBUS. a. I used predefined protocol. I try to read and write command to barcode but problem is only read status, can't write. b. After read manual again i realize: i don't know address MODBUS of Mitsubishi like a picture (Schneider). c. I read manual of QJ71MT91 then i see address like picture. => My question is how i can convert MODBUS address to PLC memory address, how i can read and write to Dataman ?  
  10. Thank collinsd70,  Now i'm understood.
  11. Hi all,  I have Q03UDV PLC mitsu & smart camera microscan - MV 40(Omron). I find the way to communication between Q03UDV and MV-40 over Ethernet but not success.  1. MV-40 support Etherne\IP & Profinet. 2. I have a litle bit confuse ethernet build in Q03UDV support Ethernet\IP or not ? 3. Can i used socket communication build in Q03UDV to establish connection with MV-40 (Ethernet\IP) ? i can't find any command from manual of MV-40. 4. Have any solution if i want communication between Q03UDV and MV-40 over Ethernet ? Best regards