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  1. Omron Force Bit Cancel via Fins

    Thank you guys for your answer. Mr. Walsh I tried this plc sofware and It works. But after force canceling last memory value remains. For example I forced 80.01 bit 80.01 value=0 >>>>force 80.01 value= 1 after force cancelling 80.01 value= 1 (force symbol disappear) Do you have suggestions about this?
  2. Omron Force Bit Cancel via Fins

    Hi BobB thanks for your answer. i did this before but our maintenance team members forgot again force bits. I'm looking for the option to cancel with command. We also use Omron NS8 HMI which connect via ethernet. Maybe i can use NS8 HMI for cancel force bits.  
  3. Omron Force Bit Cancel via Fins

    Hi Everyone, Sometimes I forget to cancel forced bits in omron CJ2M-CPU34 PLC. I want to cancel all forced bits automatically and found something about fins command. I'm now facing difficulty in activating the all cancel forced bits command. (2302) Is there anybody know how to use @CMND command for cancel forced bits?  Thank you.