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  1. Communicate IHM Dakol with Plc SLC5 / 03

    Okay. Thank you very much my friend for the tips.
  2. Communicate IHM Dakol with Plc SLC5 / 03

      This part I understood, my doubt was if I change some configuration on this page and lose communication with rslinx and never again can open the program that was my doubt. And on that page that you attached in the "General" tab, what value did you put in the "Passthru Link ID (dec)" setting? On channel 1 and channel 0. Thanks for the help the idea is getting clearer and clearer.
  3. Communicate IHM Dakol with Plc SLC5 / 03

    Right. That's what I want to do, I want to communicate the HMI with the PLC. It does not matter if when I need to use the PC I lose communication with the HMI. The HMI will only be used to enter values in timers and a fault list. And the cable I use to make this communication between PLC and HMI is the same communication cable between PLC and PC or do I need to change anything? Thank you very much.
  4. Communicate IHM Dakol with Plc SLC5 / 03

    I did a bench test and I was able to connect the HMI with a micrologix 1200. But in SLC 5/03 I will have to make the change in channel 0 (enable it in channel configuration), but I have a doubt on the same channel I am using to do the communication with rslinx, if I make any changes I run the risk of not being able to open the PLC program anymore? Mr. Joe Thanks for helping me out.
  5. Communicate IHM Dakol with Plc SLC5 / 03

    Yes I can get into the program to download and upload normal, I just can not communicate to Ihm with the PLC. I'm in doubt on the cable I'm using, or do I need to change any settings?
  6. Communicate IHM Dakol with Plc SLC5 / 03

    Hello I'm trying to put the new HMI but I can not connect to the HMI. I do not know how to configure the cable to make this communication. I already tried the same cable where I use to communicate with the notebook, and also on a rs232 null cable but I could not. Do I need to change anything in the PLC port configuration?
  7. Hi I'm trying to connect a IHM DakolB07E515 with the SLC 5/03 Plc. I am using a rs232 null cable. but I can not get the communication. Can someone help me ?