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  1. yes it's worked. thanks a million @Wasan ขอบคุณ
  2. dear all,  is there any instruction in CX-Programmer to save / move data on certain Data Area? for example : I want to move FFFF data to Dy address. we can set y as address number.  so, if y = 455, FFFF will be moved to D455. if y = 9 , FFFF will be moved to D9, etc  thanks  
  3. iQ Works Q & A

    hello all can you guys help me http://forums.mrplc.com/index.php?/topic/35788-mitsubishi-qj71c24n-scrambled-data/
  4. hello all i have some project to do with QJ71C24N. I have several projects with Q01UCPU and QJ71C24N module, but the data coming out from QJ71C24N is not the same as the data I input. The input data are "1041303B30503031000112002B03" in hexadecimal form. but the output data from module is "5F979F5F9F9D9FFDFFFFDBF9A900", checked on Hyperterminal are there some settings that I forgot to set or because of something else ? Please help