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  1. Allen Bradley Newbie

    You can also use RSLogix Micro starter. Its cheaper then RSLogix500 (Around $160) It will work with all Micrologix series.  
  2. PLCs.net down

    I have not seen any problems with the site  
  3. Update on my Model Train Project

    A demonstration when things go wrong, due to a locomotive's direction control that is failing. Its a good test for the programs to sense this.    
  4. Update on my Model Train Project

    The program for this project is large, but as shown above with the train operation routines and the menu system how one routine can hand off to another and the concept of routines that run endlessly and some routines that do an operation and end. If anyone wants to see that part of the code I will post it.   It is kind of a "mission" as described in "contact and coil" but utilizes integers to jump to the selected operation and using a flag that I call "end request" which will tell an endless running routine to end its operation at a given state. Train operations that are not endless would ignore this flag, complete its operation, then end.   I am using integers to indicate what the current running routine is, and what the "next" routine will be and another integer is set as a flag to tell the main ladder that the routine has ended so it knows to hand off to the next routine. Mike  
  5. Update on my Model Train Project

    This is a more recent video that demonstrates the train operation routines and handing off from one to another. In this case I have actual train operations written.  
  6. I have been doing this project as a means to learn PLC programming. Awhile back I got stuck in a rut with doing this project and I asked some questions here. Thanks to others who pointed out some bad programming practices I was using in designing this project I was able to overcome the problems. Originally I designed it with a Micrologix 1000 PLC, but soon ran into several problems, one was the limited I/O and that it could not be expanded. Plus its a discontinued model and twice I had to repair it for bad output relays. It also had limited memory and by the time I wrote in one of the train operations, I was nearly out of memory. This is the "Second generation" project. I upgraded to a Micrologix 1400 which allowed for more I/O and Ethernet capability for the HMI. The RSlogix Micro Starter was not the expensive to purchase (about $160) so for a "home budget" it was a good way to go. I am using a C-more Micro for the HMI panel because it was not expensive. I also had on hand a smaller 4 inch panel which I discovered also has an ethernet port so I plan to use it for a second display. I originally bought this one several years ago to use with my trainer kit and basically has sat off to the side for awhile. Now I can use it. Eventually this project will be transferred to my living room. I already have an around the ceiling layout now so I designed this project to be basically the same track layout. I have a pedestal from an old take-out robot which is where the HMI panel will be mounted. This is a tour of the project with the hardware and ladders and a demonstration of routines. At the time I didn't have any written yet but I designed a menu system for the routines. It was originally an idea of the "mission" code that is on the website "contact and coil" but I later designed my own way to run routines and seamlessly hand off to another routine.    
  7. Micrologix 1400 series C

    I just check mine. I have RSlogix Micro starter, version 12.00 and it does not list Micrologix 1400 C as an option. Did they recently release a C series? Last year when I was shopping for a PLC Only the A and B series was listed for the 1400. I chose the A series since I don't need the enhanced password capability for my train project. Mike  
  8. Standard Pumping Station Logic

    Could you post a PDF version of the file? Mike  
  9. Measurement problem

    I can also say that Keyence is good at sending a representative to the facility to look the application over and figure out the best solution to a problem. What TWS linked is a better solution then what I posted.   Mike  
  10. Measurement problem

    Maybe look into something like this?   https://www.keyence.com/products/sensor/positioning/ix/  
  11. In my experience, the inspection system had to give an explicit flag to tell the part was good. I used to work in a CD/DVD manufacturing facility and every disc was inspected. Sometimes the handling arm was out of alignment so when it placed a disc on the inspection spindle, it would use vacuum to hold it and rotate it to inspect it. If the disc bounced on the spindle it wouldn't get a vacuum confirmation and the inspection cycle did not run. There would be no outputs of results, so the handling system assumed it bad. The inspection system had discrete outputs to flag a disc good, and several outputs for bad discs depending on what kind of defect it saw. This way a graph can be shown on screen tracking what kind of defects it is seeing so adjustments to the process can be made to increase the yield.   Mike  
  12. What is your favorite and least favorite HMI software?

      Looks interesting, but for the model train project I want to stick with the HMI panel. My eventual plan is once I am "done" writing the programs for train operations I will transfer the PLC setup to my around the wall layout in my living room. I have a free standing pedestal which used to be a take out robot from an injection molding machine. The original HMI is an old Proface. It will be replaced with the C-More HMI I am currently using. The button box I am using for the project will simply be eliminated and wired to this stand.  Most of the parts used for this project were scavenged from old CD/DVD replication lines that were being scrapped. I have on hand a lot of the Proface HMI's but the cost for the software was too much, so I decided to use a C-More. I probably should put those panels up for sale on Ebay or something, someone could probably use them.   Mike  
  13. What is your favorite and least favorite HMI software?

    Where I work they use a lot of AutomationDirect's Cmore HMI panels. Recently for the EA9 series they made the software free to use. I found it easy to learn and they have a lot of video tutorials to view. I am using a C-More micro panel (least expensive option) for my model train project. It has less features, but for what I need for my train project, it works. The project will also determine what HMI would suit best depending on the features needed for the project.   Mike  
  14. EA3 Micro Panel

    I don't think the EA3 panels have a built in clock, the EA9 series does.  The suggestion above if the PLC has a clock would work fine. Mike  
  15. Can anyone guide me on how to choose a PLC?

    With seeing the amount of I/O points on the old controller, a Micrologix 1100 could be a replacement, You can use the free version of RsLogix Micro starter lite to program it.  Mike