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  1. RSlogix 5000 service edition

    I found the solution finally. RSLinx is the software we use to communicate from studio 5000(RS Logix5000) in the PC to the automation hardware. We use Ethernet to communicate. So in Linx we have 2 options. Ethernet/IP which looks for all available on the network or Ethernet which you set an IP address for so it will only see the one you manually hardcode in the address for. Thank you all for the help. I got this from another integrator I work with. Just wanted to pass on the fix.
  2. RSlogix 5000 service edition

    Well my maint managers issue with that is our maintenance department does not have much experience going into PLC programs. With the service edition on each machines PC we can have them set up to pull straight to that path, but if someone changes it to look at machine A while at machine B because they don't have time to walk all the way there. We run into the risk of it being left up on machine B's HMI looking at Machine A's PLC program and our maint guys may not realize they are looking at the wrong machine. I have suggested training with the software, but unfortunately I am encountering a lot of resistance.
  3. RSlogix 5000 service edition

    We just downloaded and are using RSlogix 5000 service edition on one of our lines. This is a software that allows you to see the PLC program, but not make changes. It is great for our Maintenance guys, but one of my managers is worried that they will change what IP they are looking at and end up setting someone else up for failure later on. Is there a way to lock RSlogix on a PC to a specific PLC IP so there is no chance of them looking at Machine A's programming from machine B?