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  1. Newbie - Help. on Omron Sysmac S6

    Here is my attempt to diagram the machine. Talk Soon.  Machine Diagram.pdf
  2. Newbie - Help. on Omron Sysmac S6

    Jay has been a real godsend on this.  very thankful  
  3. Newbie - Help. on Omron Sysmac S6

    Thanks.  I think I sent a reply  
  4. Newbie - Help. on Omron Sysmac S6

    Changed those line of code.  Start button, when activated, no longer shuts off output 27.  No other activity occurs, however.
  5. Newbie - Help. on Omron Sysmac S6

    OK.  Looking at this, and if I understand it correctly, make changes to 2 of the steps:  Step 159:  Change to LD NOT 70 Step 163:  Change to OR 70 "70" won't actually do anything, but this keeps the rest of the step numbers the same for referencing. Is that a correct understanding?  Thanks Jay.
  6. Newbie - Help. on Omron Sysmac S6

    All next week, including Tuesday...take care Jay. I changed the code to reflect above changes (step 158 to Out 66 and step 159 to LD NOT KR7). The Start Button is wired separately from the Stop Button - no shared wires The Start Button, when depress, shuts off Output 27 which is the hydraulic motor, once start button is released, Output 27 output on again. We then activated Input 0 and pressed Start Button and the same scenario happened above. Input 1 and Input 20 seem to be linked together.  We can, via manipulation, get that input to come on and off (sensor) Only in the scenario where Inputs 0, 1, 20 are on, when pressing the start button does 27 not shut off. The Stop Button when pressed, does shut down Output 27.  
  7. Newbie - Help. on Omron Sysmac S6

    Ok.  Output 24 is not on either when it is initially powered, when the key is switched to RUN or MONITOR, nor when the Start Button is pushed.  When you push the Start Button, input 9 is activated and then Output 27 shuts off (killing hydraulic motor). I did change out line 158 from OUT 66 to LD NOT KR7 after determining above.  Then retested and it didn't make a difference.
  8. Newbie - Help. on Omron Sysmac S6

    158 is now "OUT 66", so that should be changed to read "LD NOT KR7", right?    
  9. Newbie - Help. on Omron Sysmac S6

    They are good, with really specific directions.  I asked if they were around and if they could check on if output 24 was on.  They responded yes, and I mistook that as in yes it was on.  It was yes, they were around.  
  10. Newbie - Help. on Omron Sysmac S6

    Hold on.  Might have bad info.  Doing this remotely this am.  
  11. Newbie - Help. on Omron Sysmac S6

    output 24 is on when we turn key to RUN or MONITOR  
  12. Newbie - Help. on Omron Sysmac S6

    input 10 is "On" and goes off when the STOP BUTTON is pushed.
  13. Newbie - Help. on Omron Sysmac S6

    Thanks Jay.  I went through the S6 and confirmed each step now matches the attached file.  It is your file with the steps renumbered in a couple of places (there were some duplicated/missing step numbers).  No errors are being reported in the program check!  I was clearly sloppy on my keying in a few places. When I put the key into RUN or MONITOR, output 27 turns on immediately and the Hydraulic Motor begins to run.  Then when I push the "START BUTTON" or input 9, the motor "pauses", but then resumes running once you release the button.  Same thing happens with the "STOP BUTTON" or input 10.  No other action takes place.   If we can assume the code is accurate, what do you think the starting conditions are for stuff to start moving (besides hydraulic motor running)? Footnote:  As I stated before, I am able to "force" an ON setting to each of the outputs and get the independent pieces (auger motor, agitator, main cylinder extend/retract, etc.) to move via the S6 controller.  The one "new condition" is that the PrePress Cylinder Retract no longer retracts when forcing the output 13.  We have to manually hold down, what we believe, is one of the Diverter Solenoids, while forcing output 13.  I don't know if output 13 was "linked" in the original code to another output, and if it was, I don't know how to link it. Code as of 12-27.-JP Numbered.txt
  14. Newbie - Help. on Omron Sysmac S6

    My observation is that after compensating for step 19 being deleted, it seems most of the variance between the ladder diagram and theS6toC2k code numbers occurs in Network 7-Agitator Motor, between lines 031 and 050.  
  15. Newbie - Help. on Omron Sysmac S6

    Here is the code.  I failed to number the lines and was coordinating the number between the 2 documents (the ladder and the S6toC2K file).  Thus, this was throwing me off.  I assumed, wrongly, that the reference numbers on the ladder at each section were referencing steps.  It seems there are 178 lines of code, not 173, so somewhere I messed up.  Thus my reference to line 85 was off. see attached txt.  I left the line 19 in there for now. Revised code as of 12-27.txt