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  1. ML 1100

    Hello guys,  I am new to PLC, most of what I know is on the programming side . I am trying to build a trainer for myself with a used  Micrologix 1100. when I connect 24V DC to input side, the controller powers on. My understanding is that it should inly power on if I supply 110V AC to the power side . I think I might have damaged the device. Please advice   
  2. Controllogix Prog .ACD to PDF

    I have this problem too. I am currently learning ladder logic, did an assignment with school computer, I have to write a report with it . I thought rzlogix 500 will open it but it isn't and I need to take screen shot of the program.Please help convert my email is : talk2buky@hotmail.com   thanks    Water_Treatment_Backwash.ACD