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  1. 1769-SM2

    I added it via new generic module on slot 4,  then I created a MSG in ladder, configured as in sm2 manual for Modbus RTU. I put the sw1 =controller position, and sw2 = multidrive,    word 3 = 5(dsi/rtu), word 9 = 2(baud rate), word10=0(rtu format) Rx and Tx delay =50ms. I have an application for gas, a skid with a CAT gas engine. The engine has Modbus RTU. Now, the module is on my desk with a L30ER controller. As a slave I have a network analyzer from Lovato connected to the module. I'm on Studio5000 v31. I have only one rung for modbus RTU with one message. I will post the program tomorrow, now I am home. I didn't put the terminator resistors since the distance is <1m. I will try that too. The program worked well on Friday. And now comes the weird part. I tried to convert from hex to decimal a value from net analyzer and I activated the "green glasses" to see the online values, then I went online and flushed the program. The dwlding process stuck and after more than 5 min I've end task the program. Then I restarted, and the same. Dwld took forever to finish. On Monday, I couldn't connect to controller. I found that the controller wasn't recognized by Studio5000, via USB. I had to install USB driver for VM, then I got connectrd.  Today I manage to connect to module but I get this error code. I'm on VM Win 7 x64 Pro. demo.ACD
  2. 1769-SM2

    Hello. I have a communication problem between an L30ER and SM2 module. It gives me a message error 16#001e, extended err code: 16#0000_0002, Error Text :Embedded service resulted in error. I have a Lovato network analyzer connected to SM2 module via Modbus RTU, on channel 1. The setting in the MSG instruction are: Configuration:Service type - Custom, Message type - CIP generic, service code 4b, Class 33f, instance 0, attribute 0, Source CH1_REQ[0] - INT[10], CH1_RESP[0] - INT[10]; Communication: slot 4, port 2, channel 1,  Connected - not checked. baud rate is 9600, DSI/RTU is 5, format 8-N-1. the channel led from the SM2 module is flashing. I read the value at a 2s. The rung is: XIO.TON.EN+TON.2s.EN+MSG.EN. The Cable betweenSM2 and Net.Anal is a CAT5, pins 4(A) and 5(B) Maybe someone has a clue.