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  1. Modbus Addressing in Weintek HMI

    @Wasan Thanks. It was just silly mistake had been done by me in wiring. And as far as i m using RS 485, i am not getting data on both PC as well as HMI. Either on one i can fetch that.  I do some changes in software configuration of Addressing, i mapped MODBUS address into local HMI(LW).
  2. Modbus Addressing in Weintek HMI

    @Wasan Thanks for supporting me, today finally i got my data corresponding Temperature.
  3. Modbus Addressing in Weintek HMI

    @WasanThanks you for replying.Yesterday i got the data of temperature on on PC but still on HMI screen it is not transferable and shows same error as "Device no respose." Here by, i am attaching mannual of my I/O scanner.   KH 7014-18 MANUAL.pdf
  4. Modbus Addressing in Weintek HMI

    @Wasanabout communication parameter i attached one screenshot of baseblock for serial communication. Yes, i data should be shown on HMI or Baseblock but i shouldn't. I cant find the my mistake so if you can help me to tuck out out of this problem then it would be pleasure for me. Thank you in advance.
  5. Modbus Addressing in Weintek HMI

    @Wasan I am using Modscan32 in which i got the data of corresponding register, but not in HMI as well Baseblock also shows me like "No response". i am using 2 wire Pt 100 temperature sensor. 
  6. Modbus Addressing in Weintek HMI

    i did it in same way as you do but still i get same error.  
  7. Modbus Addressing in Weintek HMI

    Pt 100 and corresponding data receives receive in 40001. so how can i do addressing in Easy-builder of it.
  8. Modbus Addressing in Weintek HMI

    Yes, Exactly  i want to receive data from temp sensor on HMI screen via RS 485
  9. Modbus Addressing in Weintek HMI

    Modbus addressing in Weintek HMI to poll data from Temperature sensor through RS485. In my system i have connected Temperature sensor to I/O Scanner has output in terms of RS-485 which directly connected to COM3 Port pin. No. 6 (as Negative) & 9 (as Positive) of HMI (Model No: MT8071iE) and HMI connected to PC via ETHERNET. I want to read temp on HMI screen via MODBUS protocol. So, can you please provide me instruction about addressing of MODBUS register in Easy-Builder Software so can read data of corresponding register. Because when i do compile i got an error like " Device no Response". I hope i will get reply from your side as Fast as possible to overcome this problem. Thank you.