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  1. Hi, I would like via M241 Schneider PLC send external but the email server is not in the same IP Range address (ex: Microsoft Exchange 365 or hotmail). I tryed with library email handling (Ecostruxure Machine expert). Do you have an example with external email configuration. Thank you very much.
  2. Hi,   i have a plc  M262 Schneider and try with Schneider Ecostruxure to power enable a lexium32...  Normally with SOMACHINE 4.3 i have no problem. Anybody have a ways??     Thanks
  3. Send reverse commande plc to drive

    Hi chantecler   thank you for all info and let you know soon    thanks!
  4. Send reverse commande plc to drive

    Sorry i dont have it and the guys is over an hour to go with car..   we have question: where i can find word exchange table between plc and kinetix drive?    
  5. Send reverse commande plc to drive

    Hi chantecler,     about your question, you are right. I send you a new version of program that we found with some tags.. and i send you drive configuration kenetix 300... i dont have a photo when the drive fall… display E16 on the Kinetix drive.   we continue to investigate...   All ideas from everyone is welcome ...   Many thanks     pb.RSS ServoKinec300Avant_Arriere.dcf.xml ServoKinec300Haut_Bas.dcf.xml
  6. Send reverse commande plc to drive

    Hi, This is the program that i receive (no comment, no detail) from the guy... if you can help me ... The sequence normally   homing start sequence go up and when you are front the robot, it go left   now, go up and try to go right, it stop and i have E16 fault on the drive (normal, wrong side)       RobotiquePlacage.RSS
  7. Send reverse commande plc to drive

    Hi   we are in front of robot now, when we start the sequence to « auto » , the robot go up and after that normally it go left but for some reason it go right   into kinetix the negative polarity is uncheck. We have micrologix 1100 and i think a negative value is push on the exchange table   guys where is this exchange table between micrologix and kinetix for pushing, i think, a negative value and redirect the drive right side...   help all suggestion will be good...
  8. Hi Guys,   I'm trying to help my husband  :)  We have Kinetix 300 drive and plc Micrologix 1100. The  "robot" go left to starting sequence. For some reason since last week, the guy stop the job by emergency stop in the middle of the job (by sql software) and the plc stop and have a fault ... ok reset the fault, put the "robot" in manual, return to "start or first position", do a home axes and ..... when we return to automatic and start a new job, the plc send (or i don't know if the drive) a reverse command and the robot try to go RIGHT SIDE (no left side!!!) and the drive have a fault "off position field" FAULT CODE E16 Software overtravel. Programmed overtravel limit has been exceeded. • Verify motion profile. • Verify overtravel settings are appropriate.   we trying close everything .. nothing change ...   it looks like it's trying to send a polarity reversal command My question is: - Where i can find the "bit status table" for kinetix 300? - How plc micrologix and kinetix exchange information or can i see setup between us ?   Next step, is remove program in plc, reset et put again the program...   Sorry my english ... And all ideas is welcome because we are completly in the blind....