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  1.   Dears I am facing problem to apply compare function with load cell analog input to control 3 valves: whereas I have one load cell under three bins for three different materials: when start button is pressed, v1 opens and the system measure the weight if the weight equal or more than 500, v1 closes and v2 opens to measure material 2 if the total weight more than 1000, v2 closes and v3 opens to measure material3 if the total weights more than 1500 , v3 closes and v4 opens to discharge these materials into mixer.   I need help how to apply this in ladder diagram   thanks in advance   3 mixed materials.docx
  2. Direct Online Problem

    Thank you for replay, let me re write what I understand from your post 1- The wiring must be changed to your diagram to be able upload the ladder diagram from my SRM 1 PLC Now, what about the network type, which one I must use (SYSMAC WAY OR TOOLBUS)  
  3. Direct Online Problem

    I need to Upload the PLC lader Diagram, what should I do
  4. Direct Online Problem

      Dears   I have OMRON SRM1 CO2-V2 PLC, whenever I try to conect it with CX- programmer via RS 232C, I got (Failed to connect to PLC) message When I changed the PLC, I can get just two option to network types (toolbus, and sysmac Way). My RS 232 card work well, i tested it via (Putty). what I miss here to configure ? 2- The cpu is in RUN mode, is this effect on the communication toll or not  
  5. TWO SRM1 connected by RS232

    Thanks, I found it as you mentioned exactly.  
  6. TWO SRM1 connected by RS232

    Dear gtsuport Thanks for your reply Could you please advice me what should I read or follow to upload the D memory and Setting! , I am good user for Siemens but for Omron very new  
  7. TWO SRM1 connected by RS232

    Hi Dears I Have two omron plc (SRM1 v2) connected together via RS232, and the (CIF02-232) connected to Omron HMI, as shown in the attached (Pic). If I used CX-Programming as a software tool to upload the installed ladder diagram in both plc's, does the program will uploaded from both PLC'S or I need to configure other things. Thanks in advance