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  1. Omron CS1D IO redundancy

    Thanks for your reply.
  2. Omron CS1D IO redundancy

    Hi dears, I have 2 analog input module (AD081). I want to know how can i do redundacy for analog input signals in cx programmar? I use duplicator for 4_20 mA signal. How is it for digital signals for redundancy too? Thanks.
  3. Cpu dulpex notwork

    Yes i press it again but the problem exist yet, may be i press it in wrong way, can you explain more about INIT button? 🙏🙏
  4. Cpu dulpex notwork

    Hi dears, I have cs1d plc with 2 no. Cpu65h and one dpl02d. When i download my program to cpu cx- programmar alarm that program download to simplex mode. And one cpu not work. How can i set cpu redundancy? Thanks
  5. Cpu dulpex notwork

    Thank you bob, yes my problem begin when i press INIT button, first i download to both cpu using serial port and everything been ok only cpu was fault. After that i press INIT button and one cpu goes to off and i can not download to it. Even when change the dip swith to left cpu in duplex, the cpu not work and i can not download to it.
  6. Cpu dulpex notwork

    Thank you for your reply. It means you download to one cpu and then download to another one using peripheral port? Then two cpu must be downloaded separately? I could not download to both cpu, it says that cpu is simplex mode. Can anyone help me?
  7. Cpu dulpex notwork

    No i dowloaded to one cpu. Other cpu must be downloaded separately? I use ethernet module when download ony one cpu can i doenload to other cpu?with serial port? Means i must download to each cpu with serial port separately? Thanks
  8. Omron PLC diagnostics

  9. Omron PLC diagnostics

    Hi dears, I want to see the PLC diagnostics in my hmi touch panel ( for example cpu error, power supply fail, module error, battery fail , . . .) How can i do it? I used cs1d plc. Thanks.
  10. CPU load memory

  11. CPU load memory

    Hi dears, How can i see the cpu used memory in cx-programmar and actual cpu( for example 20%, 30% or etc)   Best regards
  12. Omron PLC diagnostics

    Thank you for your reply,my hmi is ns15. But i want to use auxiliary area for finding cpu fault or power supply fault ,... i want to know is it possible to use auxiliary area for it?
  13. Cpu dulpex notwork

    thank you for your reply, i set all DIP switches according to the attached first both CPUs have fault LED but after download and DIP switch setting now one CPU is off always. can help me for setting this item? thanks
  14. CPU load memory

    thank you for your reply, in siemens PLC we can see how much memory is used ( for example 50%). now in omron in memory view i can not find this item, can you explain more?
  15. CPU load memory

    thank you for your reply. i could not find it in cross ref., can you explain more?
  16. TP1500 browser

    Hi dears, I have one TP1500 comfort.but my plc type is not is kieback & peter plc.for connecting to this plc i only need browser.there is IE browser on touch panel.but when i insert ip address of plc pages did not load.i tested in my laptop and i updated java scripts of my browser and the problem i want to know how can i update java scripts in my TP1500 comfort? the windows of this touch panels is windows CE.  Best regards.  
  17. TP1500 browser

    can anybody help me. thanks.
  18. HMI Redundancy

    Hi Dears, I Have CS1D-65H Duplex control system with two CS1D-ETN21D. I want to use ETN21 for connection between CS1D and NS15 touch panel. I have question about HMI redundancy. (when one CPU is faulty second CPU connect to HMI) Note: I have one NS15 Touch panel. how can do i it? which setting is necessary in CX-Designer? and second question: i have one CP1H with CIF41(FINS)  that must be connected to this NS15. means CS1D with 2 CPU and CP1H is connected to one HMI. is it possible to connect CP1H and CS1D simultaneously to one Touch panel? can i have manual for do this settings? is it possible use of FINS and ethernet (ETN21)  simultaneously?   best regards.
  19. Cpu set clock

    Hi dears, I want to set cpu and NS15 clock with one contact. How can do it in cx programmar and cx designer? Best regards.
  20. Template page

    Thank you very much mr. Michael 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏
  21. Template page

    Hi dears, I want to create template page in cx designer ( a page that is shown in all pages. I want this page to show company logo,project name at top of the page and pushbuttons in bottm to change the pictures ) How can do i it?   Best regards.
  22. HMI Redundancy

    thank you for your reply. you say that when CS1D switches processors, it moves the IP addresses. means both of ETN21 has same IP address?
  23. CS1D I/O Table

    Hi Dears, My project configuration is according to below picture in CX-Programmer i define I/O Table, but i do'nt know how to fill main rack modules like CPU,SCU,Ethernet, . . .  also in expansion racks we have slot 0~9 and in my rack first slot is I/O Interface, and second slot is empty. my I/O table Configuration is ok? can anybody check it? I want to fill I/O table manually and not automatic with upload from PLC.   Best Regards
  24. CS1D I/O Table

    Thank you for yoyr reply i used this configuration please inform me if it is not true. I used one CS1D-IC102D and one CS1D-II102D ( These modules are not redundant but main rack CPU is Duplex)  
  25. CS1D I/O Table

    For example for second rack i have below module: 1- IO interface 2- empty 3- AI1 4- AI2 5- AI3 6-AI4  7- DI1 8-DI2 9-DI3 My io table is according to attached picture? Io interface and io control must be add or slot 0-9 is only for IO modules?