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  1. NX1P2 CPU Clock Speed?

    I could probably find out for you - but why would you need this out of curiosity?
  2. Omron Sysdrive 3G3HV Parameters Backup

    I don't see any sort of communication interface on those drives - I think your best bet is a pen and paper..
  3. NT31 upload program to Support tools error

    I can't locate the firmware for 3.20 - I checked many versions of NTST
  4. NT31 upload program to Support tools error

    My understanding is that your project is 3.23 but your PT is 3.20. If this is correct then you can update the system version on your PT to match the project.
  5. NT31 upload program to Support tools error

    It sounds like what you need is 3.23 so you can upgrade your NT to 3.23 (attached). NT-AQH0F.63C
  6. NT31 upload program to Support tools error

    Can you share the mmi file?  
  7. Converting NS screen to NB5 screen

    NS screens can be converted to NA5 screens (a rough conversion). If it's a large HMI project that might be a quicker and cheaper route to go. If you need to stick with the NB most integrators should be able to do this conversion for you. You can also use a piece of software called NS Runtime and run the NS application on a PC.
  8. FHV7 Camera EDS File View File The official EDS file for the FHV7 Smart Cameras. Submitter photovoltaic Submitted 04/01/24 Category Utilities
  9. Omron FHV7 Camera EDS File

    Version 1.0.0


    The official EDS file for the FHV7 Smart Cameras.
  10. NT31 upload program to Support tools error

    Download it here:
  11. NX1p2 Webserver

    It was done yes, but unless you're an experienced web designer I don't recommend it.
  12. omron function block that inhibits machine operate

    Yes, it's possible. Many manufacturers will have an embedded license key in a function block that must match a key entered on an HMI for example. You can do things like pull the MAC address from your Ethernet port and incorporate that into the key. This will allow for a single program instead of a custom version for each machine (with a custom key hard-coded to compare to). Obviously you'll want to secure the FB and CPU if you do this. Any advice beyond this will depend on your application specifics.
  13. NS Recovery

    Do you still need the NS12 image for the internal CF card?
  14. You can also use the loopback address ( and this will make it so that changing your PLC's IP address won't break your code.
  15. Closing NA pop up window automatically

    Yes, with VB script. There are a few ways but I would personally run a Global subroutine every second, in that subroutine you establish a time (in seconds) at which you force a screen change. In this example if the popup is the current page the script will force a screen change to "Main" after 270 seconds: Sub popTimer If _HMI_CurrentPage = "Popup" Then accum = accum+1 If accum >270 Then _HMI_CurrentPage = "Main" End If Else accum = 0 End If End Sub