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  1. Is there a way to get concept to work with the 1.05 firmware? There is a fear of undesired results with using the older firmware. And, we need to be able to animate on another unit while it is running which we can’t do with the FW errors.
  2. Quaint, I checked and as it turns out I do have that .bin file in the appropriate directory. Do I need to flash it to the CPU?
  3. I’m new to PLCs and having an issue. I have Concept 2.1 XL, a project folder from the OEM (no .aac file),  and a TSX Compact PC-E984-265 in a PCI/Wedeco ozone generator. We are doing a hardware upgrade to the machine that requires some logic changes in the PLC. I load the project and when I connect to the PLC first I get: “LPC Service on PUnit failed! Error id: OLI-21709.” After I dismiss that I get: “Lader logic mismatch checksums are different.” (Currently testing on a blank PLC do to similar errors on the production unit and don’t want to totally kill the production PLC while fiddling around) The messages window has: “update PLC or PUnit (-1644)” The PLC has version 1.05 software on it. From all of the poking around I have done it seems I may be missing a .bin file in my \Concept\DAT\ directory. I have: M1exec, Q186v214, Q486v212, Q586v100, and Strip_m1 .bin files. Or, I need to update the firmware in the PLC. But, I can’t figure out which I need or where to go to get it. Any pointers are most welcome!