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  1. SLC 5/05 Online via WiFi

    HiGarry, Thanks for the post. Did you use two wifi routers to establish PLC to PC coms over wifi? Do you have any details of the connections and settings? Regards, Rich
  2. Hi, I am replacing an AB SLC 5/03 installed in the garage in my garden with a 2nd hand 5/05 I have acquired. I am hoping to get some advice on connecting to the 5/05's Ethernet port using WiFi, allowing me to go online with it either from my desktop in the house (connected to my hub/modem) or via my laptop (connected to hub/modem via WiFi) Can this be done using inexpensive 'domestic' WiFi/Ethernet devices? The garage is just inside the house WiFi range when tested using my laptop down there. I have RsLogix 500 and RsLinx Classic. Any help/advice/comments would be much appreciated.