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  1. Omron CJ1m - bluetooth connect

    Thanks, it's work :D 
  2. Omron CJ1m - bluetooth connect

    But i know,  i use to write command 0102 and data is 0x0033. I have end code 0101, that i Save correct but than i read this memory and it is 0x0013..
  3. Omron CJ1m - bluetooth connect

    Hey, sorry that i answer now. I made app to Android to connect with Omron CJ1m but I found problem and i can't solve that. If I write data to CJ1M e.g. 0x0033, PLC has write 0x0013. I send command by ToolBus and it looks like: This command is like FINS command in documentation OMRON. Can you any suggestion? 
  4. Omron CJ1m - bluetooth connect

    Where: Toolbus Header - AB00xx  xx -  number of following bytes in message including checksum - number of bytes FINS Command and Checksum ? FINS Header - if i connect whit PLC directly, i can skip FINS Header ??  FINS Command - it is standartd FINS Command, eg 0101 - memory area read + B0 - memory area code(word CIO area) + 000000 - read adres (word CIO 0), Chcecksum -  sum all bytes of message to form 16 bit (two byte) checksum - it is sum with Toolbus Header or not?? This message is sent by byte?    
  5. Omron CJ1m - bluetooth connect

    What about ToolBus?  Would it be easier?  
  6. Omron CJ1m - bluetooth connect

    @Jay Anthony Can you tell me how would like command look if i connect to PLC by peripheral port?  Maybe i don't understand my professor and he want connect to PLC by peripheral port because he said about "AC01" and simple command FINS. 
  7. Omron CJ1m - bluetooth connect

    I use this documentation and i can't find answer. When i talked with my professor he said i haven't must sent " @ " and  my command would looks like:   And he say's it will work.  It will work?? And what about terminator??   
  8. Omron CJ1m - bluetooth connect

    Thanks for answer. I look for answer to my question in this documencation and i can't find it or i can't understand it.  In this documentation i can't find anythink about command "AC01" to check connection. I search answer in Net and i found http://www.tri-plc.com/HostlinkE10.pdf  In 1st point is Poin-to_point communication and what i know about my communication it will look at this... But i don't know what i should write in Header?  And my code would like: Header + Command + Terminator?  And what about reply? 
  9. Omron CJ1m - bluetooth connect

    Hi, I write app to smartphone to communication omron CJ1m and Android. I want to connect devices by standard bluetooth. I plug in bluetooth adapter directly to omron RS232.  I want to ask you, how i can connect by FINS command. Bluetooth device baud rate is set 9600. If i connect to omron, i sent code: "AC01" and i sent how long as omron return me "AC01" ?? And what's next command i sent? If I want read CIO 10 i sent: "0101B000000A" ? and FCS and "*" ?? how i calculate FSC? Is it XOR my data sent?