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  1. Mad42 analog setup

    This worked...thanks  
  2. Mad42 analog setup

    My card is unit 1 so i have set 20100 and 20101.  Where can I see raw data from the actual inputs?  
  3. Mad42 analog setup

    I am trying to setup a MAD42 analog card up in a cpu33 omron controller.   I need input 1&2 setup for 0 to 10 volt and can't get it to work. Any help is appreciated. 
  4. Cj2m cpu33 No comms after downloading

    Tried the transfer from plc and it failed, so I entered each slot manually and transferred them to plc.  This resolved all issues and no more errors.  Now I can get back to the original problem where I started yesterday.   Thank you very much for your suggestions and help with this issue.  I tried omron support and was not impressed with response time (was on hold for 2hrs finally left message and still no response).  Don't know if this is normal but was my experience yesterday. 
  5. Cj2m cpu33 No comms after downloading

    Also along with my other problems I've also got a fatal error. IO setting error 0X80E0.  Does this mean that I have to tell it what's in each slot because it didn't transfer when I downloaded?  
  6. Cj2m cpu33 No comms after downloading

    Okay.  Thanks for the tips, they got me connected.   Now when I try to transfer to the plc all goes well until I get to the Special Unit Setup.  Then I get  failure window and it tells me download failed.   Any suggestions on this one? 
  7. Cj2m cpu33 No comms after downloading

    I downloaded all.  Guess that's where I really screwed up. HE being tag data link timeout is active I'm guessing because it cant see the touchscreen.  The ip is so the ip 07 makes sense.  I was hoping to get on with the usb to check settings for port config but that was also unsuccessful. 
  8. I have a cpu33 that I had issues with a bad battery and it loaded from memory card.  The version on the card was old so I decided to download the latest version from 2 days ago to it.  When I did, I lost communication through ethernet.   Can't connect through usb either.   The thing that baffles me is that I can ping the plc at the address and I get a reply.   Any help/suggestions would be greatly appreciated as I am not familiar with omron plc's at all.  Also on the display it cycles through Er HE 1P 07.