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  1. Hi, I'm selling GS-Comms programming software for Allen Bradley PLC-2 including converter and programming cable. The software can be used to program any type of PLC2 including the following processors: PLC2 (1772-LN1, 1772-LN2, 1772-LN3) PLC2/02 (1772-LZ, 1772-LZP) PLC2/05 (1772-LS, 1772-LSP) PLC2/15 (1772-LV) PLC2/16 (1772-LX, 1772-LXP) PLC2/17 (1772-LW, 1772-LWP) PLC2/20 (1772-LP2) PLC2/30 (1772-LP3) This is a MS-DOS program but it can run under Windows95, 98, 2000. Please email me d_lo73@yahoo.com if you are interested thanks...