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  1. Timer Register not accrueing

    Thanks Steve, good tip!
  2. Timer Register not accrueing

    Steve, you are a saint. That was it.. Thanks so much!
  3. Timer Register not accrueing

    Puzzling situation, I'll try to describe it properly:    Running 90-30, using Logicmaster with the rung as depicted in the attached image. Controls a zone a bridge runs thru in one direction, West. AUTOMOS = (I50) Discrete input, either always ON or OFF. ON (TRUE) in this situation. DRINPRM = (M210) M input. This is a bit that is SET. Does not get reset until the bridge retracts in the opposite direction. BRIDRUN = (Q59) Output that stays true as the bridge travels East or West. BRIDCCW = (Q57) Output that is on only when the bridge travels in the opposite direction. In this situation it is TRUE. So, as soon as all 4 items are TRUE I should see the timer register (REG0128) start to accumulate and after 3 seconds BRDGZN2 is enabled. However, I don't see any accumulation until 1-3 seconds after the input is TRUE.    I checked that there wasn't any additional instances of REG0128, directly or implied. Even tried a different register. I see nothing that would cause the 4 input items to pulse or otherwise open faster that I would notice. The bridge would actually stop if that were to happen. I actually created some temporary rungs of logic separating the individual input bits to their own timer and register and ouput and they worked as expected. Any thoughts? Thanks