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  1. Connect to PLC through GOT HMI

    Aren't you missing Ethernet configuration for GOT in FX5? Here is my setup with GS panel:
  2. How to calculate CRC? GX Works 3 / FX5

    I understand that it's slower than your method, but don't have the knowledge to get it to work with xmodem. I tried, but gave up since there was a simpler option. :) It seemed that I kinda got hang of it how it works on CRC16-modbus, how that "1001" bit sequence is "moved" with one position in all those M8-M15 with different hex-values (240-9000 and 2001)...  
  3. How to calculate CRC? GX Works 3 / FX5

    http://www.sunshine2k.de/articles/coding/crc/understanding_crc.html Read some info from there and decided to replicate that table routine with FB... Seems to be working at least some values:   Seems to take some ms to run, but at least it works. :)  
  4. How to calculate CRC? GX Works 3 / FX5

    That would be nice ;)
  5. How to calculate CRC? GX Works 3 / FX5

    Ok. thanks for the help! I will figure it out someday. :) CRC isn't that much in my interest, just have to calculate it since these RFIDs uses it. I think I could live without it in this project, but there isn't any way to turn it off..
  6. How to calculate CRC? GX Works 3 / FX5

    Sadly I can't and Google Translate didn't help that much either.. XMODEM didn't seem to be that much harder to you. :D Any change you could share that/those example(s) too? ;)
  7. How to calculate CRC? GX Works 3 / FX5

    Heh.. And since I don't have a clue how that works and why it uses H2001 and those other hexanumbes, I might just do it in ST.. :D    
  8. How to calculate CRC? GX Works 3 / FX5

    Ok, so D0 = 2 and D1 = H0012 & D2 = H0034 gives me K4M0 HC70C. And that crccalc.com gives  1234 = 0xC70C Seems to work, so maybe just need to figure out how to change that polynom.. :)    
  9. How to calculate CRC? GX Works 3 / FX5

    Well, found a demo and transfered your project to GX Works 3. Now if I input D1 = H0012 and D0 = 1, I get K4M0 = H4D3F running in FX5. And https://crccalc.com/ gives 0x4D3F for CRC-16/MODBUS when input is 12 / Hex. But didn't get any right results with anything above 1 for D0. Maybe I will figure it out some day, this was just a quick test. Thanks! :)
  10. How to calculate CRC? GX Works 3 / FX5

    It seems that I don't have GX Developer nor license to it, could you print that project to pdf or take screenshots from it? :)
  11. How to calculate CRC? GX Works 3 / FX5

    Hmm.. I have mainly used FBD but not for this kind of calculations. Not sure how that would be more effective to do without bit shifting since I think all examples I found have been done that way. :) I got those RFID readers today and configured them to RS485 bus so I can start testing. Well, not really releated to CRC-calculation but anyway.. :D
  12. How to calculate CRC? GX Works 3 / FX5

    Thanks! It seems that I need CRC16-XMODEM, really didn't know that there is so many of different algorithms. :) Have to dig a little deeper, seems that it's easiest to use ST-language.
  13. Hi, I'm trying to use RFID reader connected to FX5 via RS485, but it needs CRC to it's transmission protocol.  I know that GX Works 3 has CRC instruction, but the problem is that it uses CRC-16 and I need CRC-CCITT. Polynomials are CRC-16 "X16 + X15 + X2 + 1" vs "X16 + X12 + X5 + 1" for CRC-CCITT. Any idea if there is a easy / efficient way to implement this, or would it be easier to generate a table for CRCs? I think I will have something like 50-100 different messages... Thanks!
  14. Positioning with FX5U and FX5-40SSC

    They should appear when you add  FX5-40SSC to Module Configuration.. I'm using FB-language and have these in Element Selection -> Module:
  15. Thanks, didn't know this kind of tool existed. It was a bit extreme solution, but worked after continuing to Step 2.. Got the 1.053F installed, now just need to install the rest.