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  1. Upgrade from C200HS to CS1G

    Okay, i have found it. Thanks.
  2. Upgrade from C200HS to CS1G

    Could you provide a link to get this manual ? I have found the W340 and W341 manuals but any W339 reference. thanks.
  3. Upgrade from C200HS to CS1G

    Hello, My problem is as follows: To upgrade an application which controls some 'specials' cards (C200H-TC, AD02 ) and classic IO cards (OC225,OD21A,ID212) from one C200HS CPU to one CS1G CPU, i need to convert the CIO addresses using Cx-programmer. I believe that CX-programmer does the job itself for classic io cards, - does it really have something to do ? - but does not convert anything about the 'specials' cards. where can i find an io conversion map ? I also have to convert that function: SUM #4005 H0 H5 to SUM #40000005 H0 H5 Do i have to check others functions ? -- thanks, david.
  4. Adding I/O to CQM1

    jfuller, if the analog cards are input cards, there adresses should have changed since you replace the 16bits input card to a 32 one. Add "1" to the inputs cards that are plugged from the right of the card you have changed.
  5. CQM1H and supervisor solutions

    Hello. I m looking for a solution to monitor - alarms, process synoptics etc. - a process controlled by a CQM1H. The major question is "how to communicate with that CPU?" For example, Intouch proposes a Host link driver over serial interface. But then, the baud rates is 19200. Omron proposes a Controller Link card at 2Mbauds but that solution also requieres a expensive OPC driver to communicate with other supervisor than CX-Supervisor. Any other idea ?
  6. [CS1G-H] Float data to BCD.

    PdL, [sWAP instruction] This one swaps bytes into words but i need to swap two consecutives words in an array that contains floating point values. Modbus protocol provides floatting point value that are stored into two 16-bits words in the opposite orde. It s too late now, the code has been already written and uses the basic MOV instructions to do that. -- http://david.marec.free.fr
  7. [CS1G-H] Float data to BCD.

    Nibroc, That's right, but it is not what i am looking for. I was looking for a _single_ instruction to do that job and another one to swap 1/2 word in the modbus table i get from Modbus. -- www.fr.freebsd.org
  8. [CS1G-H] Float data to BCD.

    BITS N BYTES, The help page of this instruction describes it (in french) as a "Double Floating Point to 16-bit instruction", so a 64 bits Floating point (4 words) to a 16bits binary integer (1 word), so, this is not a conversion to BCD integer. Is it a bad translation ?
  9. [CS1G-H] Float data to BCD.

    Hello. I need to replace data that was scaled from an analogic card into a BCD values by data now read from a Modbus card as floating points. First, I need to swap 16bits words from the modbus frame but do i need to swap bytes into each 16bits words to get right float values in the CJ1 ? Then, does CX-Programmer for the CS1 provide a single instruction to convert Float values to BCD values ?