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  1. Where is X0 and X1?

    I thought I was some kind of ladder programmer after 35 years, but this program has me licked. I t also had two other serious PLC guys baffled as well although none of us are DL05 gurus. Maybe someone here who is a seriously advanced DL05 programmer can appreciate this program and let me know where I can find two simple inputs. How many ways can you refer to X0 & X1 without ever using X0 and X1 as a reference in your program? LD K30 in V7633 sets the Y0 Y1 outputs to pulsed, X0-X2 to be filtered. LD K6 in V7634 set filter time X0 to 6 ms. Maps to C420 LD K6 in V7635 set filter time X1 to 6 ms Maps to C421 LD K6 in V7636 set filter time X2 to 6 ms Maps to C422 LD K30 into V7637 sets the Y0 to pulsed and the Y1 to direction. I think every trick in the book was used just for fun and not for readability!! Example: A/I 3 & 4 both have discretes hooked up with a resister and then SP612 & SP613 are used in the program. Y0 & Y1 are as you see above, pulsed outputs, Y0 feeds a freq to volt converter to send 4-20ma to the DC drive and Y1 is used as an enable drive bit. Apparently the DL05 PIDs weren't good enough so the programmer built his own as well. Anyway.. I digress. Can you help me find X0 & X1?
  2. RSLogix5000 Controller Organizer window disapears

    I completely forgot about this old trick "Guest"! In fact I didn't think it would work on newer Windows programs and systems. I undocked my error window and lost it, never to be seen again but that trick brought it back albeit I lost some customization but what the heck - I'm a lot happier getting the window back.