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  1. How can I monitoring connection between CJ2M and PC

    Yes, I already talked to them, but they do not know about the PLC, the way they spoke was like you said. And I also talked to omron, and they do not know an immediate solution to it. Anyway, I am thank by all the ideas I shared with you.  
  2. How can I monitoring connection between CJ2M and PC

    Perfect. I will wait, and together with  you, I am trying do for other way.
  3. How can I monitoring connection between CJ2M and PC

    Hooo my friend, The license is very very expensive. I am thinking if there are'nt a function block like ping inside the cx-programmer. For me monitore the connection without waste money.
  4. How can I monitoring connection between CJ2M and PC

    Good Afternoon friend. I would like to say for you that your answer really help me in my duvide. I have only difficult now, that We don't have the license for advanced tags.  I did like you shown and got it. I will buy the license with kepware. Best regards
  5. Hello friends, This is my first post here. I would like to know how can I monitoring the connection between a CPU CJ2M and a PC? This PC is working with the kepserverEX. Connected with the PLC for internal network. I need to know when this PLC are not connected. Thanks. Best regards.
  6. I did not find de file. Can you explain how can download that. thanks.  
  7. CX-Remover

    ok, perfect. thanks
  8. CX-Remover

    Hello, Somebody Can help me? I wanna know how unistall only cx-one using by cx-remover. Leaving the sysmac studio installed. thanks
  9. CP1H-EX ?

    Hello, I tried do like your information but don't work. I already to remove the software with cx-remover and install again with language english and country China. Only still work fine. But I don't know what happens... thanks.  
  10. CP1H-EX ?

    Hello Mr. I'm young at this forum.  I resolve this problem reinstalling the cx-one or programmer selecting the country as china. After I did it i got the communication and changes. thanks