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  1. GOT1050 to FX3U-64M

    Ok, i understand ,thank you so much 
  2. GOT1050 to FX3U-64M

    Ok, i will try with this cable configuration, but in the PLC parameter configuration,wich option i select in "H/W type"? because only have two options to select RS-232C and RS-485 and the cable configuration is RS-422
  3. HMI and PLC Communication problem

    I have the same problem, can you tell me which is the PLC programmings settings or  explain how did you do that? If you can do a tutorial, you will help me so much.
  4. GOT1050 to FX3U-64M

    but i need the pinout of mini din 8 pin, is the terminal incorporated in FX3U-64M, like shown in the image below but in RS-232 confiuration
  5. GOT1050 to FX3U-64M

    so, which is the cable pinout for connect the CPU to the HMIin case of select rs232 protocol?, because i know that this PLC only use RS422 for communication, but i'm not sure if it's possible work with RS232, for that i need the pinout for make two cables, one for RS232 DB9 to MD8 and other for RS422 DB9 to MD8
  6. GOT1050 to FX3U-64M

    but would be the same baud rate between both
  7. GOT1050 to FX3U-64M

    How configure communication between FX3U-64M and GOT1050? HMI GOT1050 have two chanels availables: RS-232 and RS-422 PLC support RS-422 but i don't know how to configure PLC parameter for establishing comunication with it