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  1. Ethernet Communications Q series to Multiple FX3G

    My GX Works 2 is Version 1.550Y which appears to be a few revs old.  That may explain why I don't have a Simple PLC Communication button on the Built-in Ethernet Tab  :(
  2. Ethernet Communications Q series to Multiple FX3G

    That sounds encouraging.   BUT, I should mention that I'm a Mitsubishi Noob.   I could set up comms on a Rockwell product with my eyes closed, but on Mitsubishi I don't know where to start.   
  3. I have a line that I'm integrating that requires the main machine (Q13UDVCPU) to communicate via the built in Ethernet port with 3 different up and downstream machines using FX3G controllers with FX3U-ENET modules.    We are using GX Works 2 software. So far I'm having no luck with the Mitsubishi documentation, or online.  Some (old) sources say it is not possible, I hope that is not the case. What I could really use is a working example program to look at and dissect.  But any help would be appreciated.